This is a fanblog/guide because that the app "Love Nikki dress Up Queen". :)I perform not very own the video game or graphics. This is merely a fanblog. C:

Hair: Night DateDress: Mulberry LeafCoat: Orchid MistHosiery: fallen FlowerShoes: Swaying pasture • RareMakeup: Meditative MoonHair Ornament: Moonstone HeaddressEarrings: Prefect JadeScarf: natural GiftNecklace: Jade NecklaceRight Hand Ornament: Moonstone BraceletLeft Hand Ornament: Jade BraceletGloves: Praying GlovesRight Hand Holding: Koi BagLeft Hand Holding: Camellia BranchSpecial - Foreground: Plume of White SwanSpecial - Background: Everlasting Moonbeam

If friend use different items, make certain they monitor the layout “traditional cloud empire clothes” and also the format tags simple, mature, elegance, warm, pure.

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Also use smile, stroller, stick immune, true love, and charming.

Good fortune! 💕


Evernight’s Dream/Black White Dance occasion - 1: Otherworldly Warrior

Theme: Brave Style, SwordsmanWear items v the sign swordsman*Style: gorgeous, lively, sexy, mature, cool

Use skills like smile, charm, stroller, stick immune, etc.

Change some items if you don’t have them, just be sure to follow the theme and style tags.

Hair: Sumeru SpiritDress: Assassin faith • RareCoat: unique OperationsHosiery: Assassin • RareShoes: Super certified dealer • ShoesMakeup: Invisible FigureHair Ornament: Lace rabbit EarsVeil: Red Satin • EpicEarrings: Triangle PuzzleScarf: Gale FeatherNecklace: Love LockRight Hand Ornament: Romantic RockLeft Hand Ornament: cross BraceletGloves: Illuminant ArmorRight Hand Holding: sharp Blade • BloodLeft Hand Holding: knife of AceWaist: Assassin’s BeltSpecial - Face: The surprise OneSpecial - Tattoo: shining LightSpecial - Wings: Laser WingsSpecial - Foreground: Dream light BladeSpecial - Background: soul SeatSpecial - Head Ornaments: Casket the FateSpecial - Ground: Overclock Matrix

Hi guys, ns was wonder if anyone else has actually trouble v Princess 4-12. I’ve been stuck top top it for a lengthy time and also it’s the only stage I’ve had far-reaching trouble with. I can’t make it previous a C rank and also I’ve tried many different times and also no success. The stage calls for you to wear the rabbit suit yet I’ve do the efforts it and also I quiet can’t pass it. I’ve tried wearing various other things in addition to the suit, items the follow the format tags and also still nothing. I have actually an S rank on the Maiden version yet it’s odd i can’t happen it ~ above Princess with even a B.

If everyone has any type of tips, feel cost-free to imply them, I’d be very grateful.

It counts on what clothes you have and also strangely I’ve to be stuck on this level as well and just passed that today. Here’s what i used:

Hair: Gothic Lolita Coat: rose GardenTop: Red Vest • EpicBottom: Red Apron • EpicHosiery: Fairy story • Epic, new SocksShoes: Leather shoes • EpicMakeup: Carrot DreamHair Ornament: increased HatVeil: Red coat • EpicHairpin: p Waste WashingEarrings: Afternoon Tea PartyScarf: organic GiftNecklace: Cake FondnessRight Hand Ornament: climbed Ribbon BraceletLeft Hand Ornament: Laurel BraceletGloves: Red talk Hood’s BraceletRight Hand Holding: Carrot Bag • RareLeft Hand Holding: Witch’s LanternWaist: Moon Jade Pendant one-of-a-kind - Face: Gold-Rimmed GlassSpecial - Brooch: Wasteland SatchelSpecial - Wing: small Devil’s WingsSpecial - Tail: rabbit TailSpecial - Foreground: Butterfly DanceSpecial - Background: Memorial Day

I additionally used the skills smile, stroller, stick immune, and true love. These are crucial in ensuring an S rank.

If anyone else has actually recommendations, just reply come this short article with items you provided or outfits you wore!


Hall that Oath event - 1.2: Lilith Bride (S Rank)Theme: Pretty and Elegant dancing dressStyle: warm, mature, sexy, gorgeous, elegance

A/n: ns can’t guarantee you will win every time through this outfit, it relies on your opponent’s score.

Hair: Wasteland Jewel • EpicDress: Galaxy Melody • WhiteCoat: snow ShawlHosiery: Galaxy amount say Welts, Snow-white BodyShoes: array of StarsMakeup: Nightmare ForwardHeadwear: complete Bloom • RareEarrings: Fringed Earrings • PinkScarf: Red Witch ShawlNecklace: Ice crystal ChainBracelet: expect Ring, heat Dance BraceletGloves: FlawlessHandheld: Time Pestle, golden FanSpecial - Face: Retro MonocleSpecial - Brooch: White Collar BagSpecial - Foreground: light of Firefly


Hall that Oath event - 1.1: spiritual Love Sanctuary Hrawi (S Rank)Theme: first love butterfliesStyle: warm, simple, elegance, mature, pure

A/n: i can’t insurance you’ll win everytime, it counts on her opponent’s score.

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The outfit needs an ext simple points, so you must wear ingredient that rise the basic score.

Hair: squid Orchid ScrollDress: ancient TombCoat: she MajestyHosiery: Snow-white BodyShoes: selection of StarsMakeup: scented SnowHeadwear: Red SandEarrings: Cloud node • RedScarf: Noble CapeNecklace: eye Diamond ChainBracelet: snow Diamond Bracelet, Laurel BraceletGloves: FlawlessHandheld: Velvet Bag • Rare, leather PurseSpecial - Face: Retro Monocle special - Brooch: White Collar BagSpecial - Foreground: Lunar Fragrance