“It’s one thing to decry kid abuse — as we all have to — yet it’s one more to see kids being removed from their home in the middle of the night, when the evidence of parental abuse is ambivalent in ~ best. Because that those that think cable news seldom covers significant topics in depth, this eye-opening documentary is a worthy rejoinder.” — THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Executive Producer Karen Grau on her ongoing series with NBC, and her years of experience filming within America’s child welfare and also juvenile justice system.

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“…The various other is Grau.Most of the work-related Calamari go is choose up and by cable networks, therefore the agency itself type of paris under the radar in addition to its owner. ButGrau hasopened up the Indiana juvenile and also family courts to external eyes, gainingunprecedented access from the state supreme Court in the so late 90s, and also has supplied the access to pierce the veil approximately juvenile justice and child welfare proceedings.”

~ Chronicle of social Change

“A mainly after “Inside teen Lock-down” airs, Mike Dempsey, the superintendent at Pendleton, is a happy man. His basic is the type of location the publicly hears about only when things go wrong, and Pendleton has had actually its share of incidents recently—a teacher sexually attacked by one offender, a guard dropping one offender ~ above his head, one offender critically injured in a fight. The knew letting Grau and also her cameras in carried potential risk, however now he deserve to exhale.

What Grau verified the civilization was a tension-filled hour v voice-of-God narration (this was Court TV, after all) in which Dempsey’s staff tackled a crazed juvenile, squelched a potential race war, and also ultimately permitted two criminal to go cost-free after finishing your rehabilitation. That was hardly ever pretty, yet it was real.

“I was nervous not only about the public’s response, but also the staff’s,” Dempsey says. “But i have heard nothing however positive feedback from all sides. And also I think we really owe the to Karen. Somebody might have bring away that access and done some damage, yet she walk a great job telling critical story.”

~ Indianapolis Monthly Magazine

“In this three-part documentary, Grau, who"s do her surname nationally by taking cameras into places couple of of united state have ever before seen — youth courts and prisons — brings us back for a third look inside the Pendleton youth Correctional Facility, the attend to of 300 of Indiana"s most infamous young offenders.”

~ Marc D. Allan, NUVO

“When it pertains to real-world documentation of exactly how systems of youth jurisprudence and also corrections function, the obstacles that practitioners and also administrators handle on a day-today basis, and the struggles that specify the lives of at-risk kids and families, nothing compares come the video clip library Calamari Productions has actually amassed due to the fact that beginning its work-related in this arena in the so late 1990s.”

~ Catherine Krebs, American Bar Association


A couple of OF our SHOUTOUTS…

“A show every parent should watch with their teens.” The this day Show

“More than worth watching.” Slate

“A gripping documentary.” The Guardian

“This truth show about teenagers in a youth detention center may sound exploitative, but instead that manages to it is in genuinely tragic, periodically poignant, and, at times, even oddly funny.” New York Magazine

“Among the plenty of initiatives the the Indiana can be fried Court has taken to advance the reason of children in need, among which us are particularly proud—and one which has produced positive results beyond our many optimistic expectations—was our decision to authorize Karen Grau and also Calamari Productions to film live proceedings in Indiana youth courts.”

The Honorable frank Sullivan, Indiana supreme Court Justice

Inside teen Lockdown: Frighteningly efficient - NUVO Magazine

Several thoughts arisen while watching Inside teenager Lockdown, a frighteningly efficient Court TV unique that reflects what life is like in the Pendleton youth Correctional Facility. (Yes, Pendleton, Ind.) In no certain order:

• an excellent for Superintendent Michael Dempsey for enabling cameras inside for the first time. The public needs to watch what the worst teen offenders in culture look and also act like. And also Inside teen Lockdown isn’t some PR item designed to display the basic in its ideal light — one ar of this hour-long documentary contains security-camera clip of strikes on guards.

Whatever prison personnel room paid, it’s no enough. There’s a scene below where five guards have to bring out what’s referred to as a “cell extraction” — getting one of the students (they don’t contact them inmates) out of his cell and also confiscating a broom he intends to use as a weapon. The 16-year-old’s rage and also the guards’ fears space palpable as they subdue him, cuff his hands and feet and also pull his shirt over his confront so he can’t spit at them or bite. “The staff is incredible,” Dempsey says. “What they carry out is amazing at times.” Agreed.

These kids have figured out how to pass information in between locked-down cell (it’s ingenious), exactly how to avoid the security cameras from security them and how to create weapons indigenous anything they can acquire their hands on. If they might harness their anger and also energy and also do something positive, who knows what they might accomplish.

Excellent work by the producers, camera people and others who were at danger in unpredictable, possibly dangerous situations. The chilling what castle saw, and what lock brought back to show us.

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Finally, if you want to scare someone in your life straight, present them this. The unrelenting noise within the facility, the destruction (one child breaks v bricks and mortar) and the sewage danger need to be sufficient to make also the hardest instances pause.