“Lots of familiar actors and also actresses, a rock cold killer together the villain, beautiful horses, and also lovely countryside views. Saddle up. Here we go." -- Susanlynn“And the dies. More crying ensues. OK, can we begin revenging now?" -- Adriana Noel

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Robo 186 – Maria Loses her HeadRobo has actually dealt out dreck with a for free hand,
And bade us sit down and enjoy it:
We could not however own the the protags watch grand,
Personal trainers store them for this reason fit.But offer TOO lengthy a story and also Televisa chancesThat viewers with plus-100 IQWill avoid coming by, offering glancesTo watch if Ale sporting activities a brand-new shade the BLUE.Tonight’s actions are few, but they don’t lack importHang with the recap—tonight will certainly concludeMaria’s murder attempts; they save falling shortExcept because that Sandro, the lot ballyhooedBlackhaired, handsomest villain.As we start out, Refugio gets newsThe scoop on Emeralda’s new beauErik is no the man Refu would certainly chooseRefu watch him together a foe.Armed v the news, Refu hits the Sweet ShoppeAnd Erik as well, with a smack and also a shove.Erik’s declared his love for Esme nonstopBut Refu hollers in ~ Erik, “Get out ofAguazul, before I call her who you are!”Esme and Refu proceed their fightBack at your cute small casa.Esme tells Refu that she likes the new man;Although young he has actually much an ext senseThan her husband. Esme announces her planTo get a divorce. Let that commence!Ale and Montse arrangement a huge date. Hacienda and also precious privacy await.“No worries!” say we, “Just leave your youngsters to your fatePerhaps Pedro will not view them together bait.”“Take Romina and have a an excellent day or two,”Montserrat provides her former negative ex.“With every these houseguests around— quite a Queue!We hardly ever before get to have sex!”But Maria is method ahead of your gameToo the ranch she hustles, tout de suite.She stupid the new maid, to her shame.Her setup she have the right to now complete.Poison that is. She’s identified to haveAlejandro, one way or another.“Forever hell be mine,” she sobs through a laugh“Mine, all mine! He deserve to belong come no other.”An iced pitcher and also glasses space out—the work is therefore hotMaria adds the poison she bought and also stirs.Ale stalks in and also in her catch he is caughtHe drinks a huge glass. He no demur.Maria measures out of the shadows and also raises a gun.Toward Alejandro she does point it.She is so determined to have actually the thing done—Even come Sandro’s murder she does admit.Soon Ale’s gut starts to grumble and fussHe falls to the soil writhing in pain.But Maria has actually no more to discussShe drinks the poison.

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It will be her bane.Jose louis is sitting under on the beachWith son Romina, play the great dad. The girl, that seems, is able come reachThe love he had, before he walk bad.“Papa”, she call him, and he sheds a tearwhile informing his daughter the taleof the times as soon as he and also her mommy were for this reason dearThey to be happy; they did no flail.Jose’s old girlfriend Refu shows up through his son.Old grievances will now be forgotRefu tells Jose that his marriage is done, He’ll provide Esme her freedom, as he aught.At the Rancho Maria gives Ale the wordIf, in life she cannot have actually himIn death she will hold him!But Maria’s stunner words walk unheard.Ale stumbles the end of the house.He staggers out to the steel stair rail.One step down, climate a few he takes.Poor Ale, the barks, he cries, the ails!Now, a good fall and tumble he takes.Maria complies with after, currently clutching she gutShe teeters ~ above wedge shoes much too tallTo descend rock stairs—she drops on her butt.In the dust she spies Ale—to him she crawls.Montserrat traction the truck right into the drive.Her husband lies under in the dirt.She calls him, kneels down and also finds the aliveBut surely that is gravely hurt!Now favor a negative penny, Pedro arrives.His henchman clutches a box.One antidote is all he can contrive.The poison’s result it will block.Pedro pressures Montse come swear prior to he will give the antidote to her manMontse must aid him gain his heirVictoria is component of his plan.Remedy is given, Alejandro awakes.But not Maria, she has actually breathed she last.Alejandro is fine, v a case of the shakes,But Maria’s brown eyes have actually glassed.Finally it seems that Maria is deadBut Pedro provides Adolfo the proofA box containing her head.Adolfo cannot stay aloof.At hospital Ale is great as newBut Montse has a confession come makeTo Pedro she made a promise she ruesNow, Victoria’s future is in ~ stake.To Nadia Montserrat confessesThe price she paid for Ale come live.Victoria’s mommy is no impressedWith a scream she refuses to giveVictoria come Pedro Medina.Nadia’s old friend she will never forgive!Nadia provides vent to she spleenShe refuses to execute as she is bid.Montserrat swears the promise she made was false; she will never accomplish it.Hysterical Nadia cannot believe her friend would tradeVictoria’s life; she will not allow it.Vengeance! Pedro has actually sworn on her kidsIf Montserrat does not her promise keepThere is nowhere the children can it is in hid,Nadia replies, To make them safe from that creep.For Adolfo, the jig is practically up.Although that is remaining with DimIt is time the drank native the cupHis actions have actually poured for him.Elna June
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