First Impressions

The tiny Sisters that the bad welcomed me to St Anne’s residence a couple of weeks back for their Spring into organization summer routine for young women. In the brief time I have been right here at Saint Anne’s I have actually been win by the overwhelming presence of God that is here. It seems so easy to uncover Him in the shortest that conversations and also in every one of the joys and sorrows of everyday life.

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At first glance the citizens seem to have actually pain-filled stays with a finish lack of any kind of kind that independence and also it is tough to check out God in that. However, together I obtain to know the Residents and also their stories far better I save seeing His guiding hand. Through all of their lives, in small moments and big decisions, God was working with each the their stays to bring them come Himself. God loves every one for this reason much and has led them come a serene life right here at St. Anne’s home. Their enduring does not average that God has abandoned them.

God is no only uncovered in the bigger paths the the Residents, lives but also in the smallest moments of everyday life below at St Anne’s home. The is present when Leticia and Henry sit together, when Oma’s child visits her and when sisters Diane searches for a snack because that Melva. That is there once Thomas travel guide Lisa down the Communion line, as soon as Fran smiles, and when Amy wins an additional game the Bingo. He is found when i bell soaks increase the sun beside the Lourdes grotto, as soon as YK eats his breakfast, and also when Peg it s okay a lengthy nap. God is current in your every moment.

As ns see exactly how God has actually taken care of every of the inhabitants it becomes easier to trust God through my own life. Although ns was worried and also nervous about coming all the method to san Francisco, I recognize now the God guided me here and that he has plans for my summer right here at St. Anne’s Home.

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After a couple of weeks…

During mine time right here so much at in ~ Saint Anne’s residence in san Francisco I have actually been reading around the foundress of the tiny Sisters of the Poor, Saint Jeanne Jugan. She to be a brave woman who gave her life to God by caring because that the yonsei beggers who were so usual in post-revolutionary France. She opened up her house to them, also giving increase her very own bed. She and the pendant she attracted cared for and begged for the elderly. Prior to long, much more homes because that the negative were opened throughout England and also France and, as much more followers flocked to her, a religious community was founded.

Jeanne Jugan’s spirituality is primarily based on poverty. She said, “It is so an excellent to be poor, to have nothing, to rely on God for everything.” She wanted to care for the poor while ending up being like the poor. The little Sisters rely on begging for your needs due to the fact that Saint Jeanne Jugan wanted the neighborhood to always trust in the Providence the God. Like mom Theresa, she witnessed God in each person that concerned her doorstep. She served each human being as if they to be Jesus. She said, “Love God an extremely much, so the you deserve to look ~ the age well, for it is Jesus whom you care for in them.”

The much more I learn about Saint Jeanne Jugan the an ext I see just how much she work impacts our life in ~ St. Anne’s. She said, “Making the yonsei happy — the is what counts!” This maxim is live out here as the staff and Sisters effort to assist the elderly. The is beautiful to see how God has actually used Saint Jeanne Jugan and the tiny Sisters the the negative to lug joy to the stays of so countless elderly — also over one hundred and fifty years later on in mountain Francisco!