She's only 4 feet, two inches tall, but Terra Jole can make an substantial impression with the judges ~ above the "Dancing with the Stars" season 23 premiere Monday night top top ABC.

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Jole, 36, that is paired with pro Sasha Farber, is the an initial little human to contend on the show. "DWTS" has a legacy of throwing the spotlight ~ above celebrities v challenges, many of whom have done rather well.

Last year, model and also actor Nyle DiMarco, the an initial dear person to compete on the show, took home the silver winter ball. In season four, heath Mills, who shed a foot in a car accident, was eliminated fifth, however Amy Purdy, a Paralympian snowboarder and the first dual amputee come compete, placed 2nd in the show's 18th season. In season 20, U.S military veteran young name Galloway, who lost an arm and also a leg to one IED, inserted third.

"I feel like that everybody maybe thinks I'm not able to perform these things," Jole newly told "Access Hollywood." "I desire to present the world, I desire to display America that I'm just handi-capable together anyone else."

Jole shot come fame top top "Little Women: LA," the Lifetime series chronicling the dramatic ups and also downs the a group of friend (and frenemies) that are small people. (Jole herself has defined the present as the generate of "Real Housewives" and also "Bad girl Club" v "Little People big World" sprinkled on top.)

The show has spawned two copycats set in brand-new York and also Atlanta, and Terra's very own spinoff, "Terra's little Family," which complied with her pregnancy, the birth of daughter Penelope Charlevoix, who has actually dwarfism, and Penelope's health and wellness complications. In the second season, she announced she is expecting a second child with husband Joe Gnoffo, a fellow actor who likewise has dwarfism. Grayson Vincent D'Artagnan to be born in August.

Jole is a native Texan who showed up in "Jackass 3D," "CSI: Crime scene Investigation" and the low-budget "Midgets vs. Mascots" (notable because that being Gary Coleman's last film) and also who likewise performs together "Mini Britney" and "Mini Gaga."

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