This is the biography,authorized by his Estate,of “cool cat”, actor James Coburn – his career, romances, &spirituality. Thoroughly researched, through unparalleled access to old friendsand family, consisting of his son, James H. Coburn IV, and also daughter, Lisa Coburn, the book’s structure is hisown words in the form of letters, interviews, and also most specifically hispreviously unpublished memoirs the he videotaped in the months before hispassing in 2002. Over there is no various other Coburn biography however in existence.

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JamesCoburn was an individualist – charismatic, humorous, opinionated, loving,pragmatic and stoic, but over all a deep thoughtful actor. The arc of hisalmost 50-year job was at an early stage success, a long ride in ~ the top, a crash andstruggle through his later life, climate a last Renaissance, both personal andprofessionally, in his last decade. Every the while that strove to achieve not justmastery of his craft, his art form, but likewise spiritual enlightenment, throughexplorations into alternate philosophies. He to be "New Age" prior to it had actually a name.
Hisprofessional life to be highlighted by excellent friendships, and anextraordinary level of respect and also affection native his colleagues andassociates. His an individual life embodied not one, yet two love story for theages, marked by romance, sensuality, poetry and also devotion. And also then there were part affairs follow me the way.
He was a passionateaficionado of classical music, jazz, and also luxury sporting activities cars. His job-related spannedthe gamut the beloved classics (The magnificent Seven, The great Escape, Charade, Our guy Flint, The Twilight ar -"The Old guy in the Cave"), intellectually difficult pieces (The President"s Analyst, The critical of Sheila), and also franklymediocre projects, where he to be the best thing in them. Interestingly, his films helped lead the dismantling that the infamous Production Code and usher in the ratings system that we recognize today. Couple of people recognize of his army career, or his life in theater in brand-new York. He took every his workseriously, and gave every role his complete attention, while being pro-active together aproducer and instigator of new work.
Hismotto to be “Go Bravely On” which he embodied throughout the period when the sufferedfrom the exact same debilitating an illness that virtually destroyed his own father. It wasa motto that took v him professionally every time he arrived on the set in thelast few years of his life, a time as soon as he did few of his ideal work, garneringthe admiration that a whole brand-new generation the colleagues and also fans.
James and also Paula Coburn, 1991 - photo by Paul Harris



This is where I will certainly be updating progression on mine books, windy projects and scripts, and such of my imaginative endeavors the are about words rather of visual art.

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Forthcoming: "Dervish Dust: The Life and Words the James Coburn" through Robyn L. Coburn through a Foreword by James H. Coburn IV - gift the authorized story of screen legend and also Oscar (R) winner, James Coburn.

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