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Do I require to explain what the Lion King is? anyone knows that the Lion King is one of the most famous children’s movie of all time and I think it’s safe to say that most world have checked out the film. If girlfriend haven’t watched it I extremely recommend you give it a shot considering its huge effect top top the millennial generation.

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As we all know, Lion King tells the story that Simba the prince of the lion pride and also kingdom and his story of reclaiming his father’s throne indigenous his evil uncle after to run away due to the guilt indigenous his father’s death.

I think when we peel away every the humor and fun song from the movie ns think the most vital scene in the movie that impacted me the many was the scene above. It taught me a an important lesson that has actually stuck with me till today.

This is the turning point in the movie. Simba was overloaded with guilt from the function he feeling he play in his father’s death. That couldn’t handle and also as a an outcome ran far from his problems and also responsibilities enabling Pride rock to be overrun by Scar and his hyenas. He’s spent most of his time in Hakuna Matata trying to operation away native his ache past. Once Nala, his childhood friend, finds him and also informs that what has end up being of his home and makes the realizes the he’s in ~ a crossroad. Walk Simba walk back, risk his life to conserve Pride Rock, and also finally involved terms v his father’s fatality or go he continue to be in Hakuna Matata and also live a comfy life away from every his problems.

Of course, being the protagonist the he is, Simba knows the he has to go earlier and save his people however he’s terrified. If contemplating this decision he runs into Rafiki, the wise old baboon. Simba says just how he’s scared of adjust and climate Rafiki access time Simba in the head. Simba asks “What was that for” and also Rafiki states “It doesn’t matter, it’s in the past” and Simba reminds Rafiki the it tho hurt. Rafiki answer Simba v the line that pushes him to carry out the appropriate thing and it yes, really resonated through me.

Rafiki states “The past have the right to hurt. However the method I see it, you have the right to either run from that or discover from it”

This heat is very important. Similar to a bump on the head the past can really hurt and also sometimes even leave a scar but you have actually a choice; you might either operation from that or learn from it.

Life isn’t a movie, girlfriend won’t constantly win. Much more often than no you’ll lose an ext than you win. It’s a tough reality to accept however you have actually to. Once it concerns chasing your dreams you can fail at an initial but girlfriend can’t allow one failure make you stop trying. You can’t far from it you have to learn indigenous it.Learn from your mistakes. I think it’s for sure to say that we’ve every made mistakes and also have fail in the past yet we can’t enable that to stop us from chasing our dreams.

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Albert Einstein when said “I have actually not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 methods that won’t work” Keep learning from her mistakes and also keep trying because it’s better to try and fail than to never try and dream about what could have been.