Nail polish is hard. I"ve picked a color before, and a week right into it, I"m either totally sick of it or I just downright hate the color and also wonder what I might have been reasoning that day. There space so many choices and also I"m so overwhelmed.

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Let"s it is in honest, when we see the color on that tiny fake nail, we might like it. However somehow, it became something completely different ~ above our own nails. Honestly, I"ve learned an important lesson once picking pond polish.

constantly go OPI.

I"m diehard because that OPI for three reasons. It"s the just gel brand that doesn"t peel ideal off mine nails. They have actually the many amazing names. The shade is constantly true to the sample or what that looks like in the bottle.

I"ve invested some time collecting a perform of the ideal of the ideal from OPI, and I"m here to share that list with every one of you, so girlfriend too deserve to have the most bomb nail colors.

Get all the compliments and never obtain sick of them.

1. Stop It, I"m Blushing

I have this shade on mine nails right now and I"m obsessed. It"s the perfect pale pinky nude for summer, however it"s a great transition color for fall.

2. Bubble bathtub


This shade is so natural. It"s perfect for project interviews and also professional occasions where you don"t desire to go in through a bolder red nail. It"s also a great color for every seasons, which is such a bonus.

3. Don"t Bossa Nova Me approximately


This is a great warm ton nude. I favor it a lot because that fall and winter when you desire a rest from dark colors, but it can also be really an excellent in summer where you don"t want something super pastel or something supervisor bright.

4. Be there in a Prosecco


This is an additional favorite because that all four seasons. It"s a really good creamy naked that"ll look good with a tan, however also an excellent without one. This shade can obtain a most wear for world who love the look at of white, yet hate just how bright and also in-your-face it have the right to be.

5. Tiramisu for 2


To me, this is the PERFECT nude, i beg your pardon is honestly more difficult to find than you think. It"s together a an excellent color for the fall and winter.

6. Mine Vampire is Buff


Similar come Be there in a Prosecco, this is a good creamy nude. Yet this one is a tiny dark which, again, provides it an excellent for every seasons. Yet I especially love that in the fall and also winter once you want to obtain away from every the dark colors.

7. Friend Don"t know Jacques


I love this color since not a many of civilization think to get it, however it"s therefore good. The looks great in the fall and winter, and it is really great for taking a break from blacks and also maroons while still gaining that dark autumn color.

8. How good is your Dane


This is definitely a darker variation of girlfriend Don"t understand Jacques, however that"s kind of what"s great about it. Still a good fall and winter color, yet it"s great when you"re trying to find something a small darker from friend Don"t recognize Jacques.

9. Black Cherry Chutney


This one surprised me. Once I choose it out, ns didn"t realize it had actually that glittery look come it, but I"m so happy it does. It seasonings up the usual dark maroon and makes that so lot better. I get ALL the compliments when I have actually this on my pond in fall and also winter.

10. Lincoln Park after ~ Dark


THIS. This shade is mine go-to fall/winter color. I swear I acquire it more than likely every other time i go. I recognize what you"re thinking. "It"s simply black?" yet it"s not. It"s the perfect purplish black that looks for this reason good.

I could make a perform of more than likely ten come twenty more colors that us all require to know about. But I think it"s vital that we have a few great colour on standby as soon as you are completely confused in the salon, and the lady is sitting there waiting for you come come and sit down.

So there are those colors for me, and also I wanted to re-publishing them v you so friend don"t feel that uncomfortable must grab miscellaneous you"ll regret.

These are my go-to colors because that summer/spring and also fall/winter. Some are even good to shift into various other seasons. Overall, these are staple colors that everyone requirements to recognize about.

Thank me later.

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