There appears to be a the majority of talk this days about what is fair, and what is not. Chairman Obama seems to think life must be fair – the “everybody should have actually a same shake.” some of the 99% it seems to be ~ to think life has treated them unfairly, and also some the the 1% percent feel life there is no treated them reasonably enough. My questions are these: What is fair? Is life fair? must life be fair? I’ll frame the debate, and you decide…

We clearly have no selection about exactly how we come right into this world, we have little choice early in life, yet as we flourish older choices abound. I have actually long thought that if we have actually no control over the start of our life, the overwhelming bulk of us have the capacity to influence the outcomes us attain. Fair is a state of mind, and most often, one unhealthy state the mind.

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In business, in politics, and in life, many of us room beneficiaries the the outcomes we have added to. Our station in life cannot, or at least should not, it is in blamed on our parents, our teachers, our pastors, ours government, or our society - the largely based on the choices we make, and the perspectives we adopt.

People have overcome poverty, drug addiction, incarceration, abuse, divorce, mental illness, victimization, and virtually every an obstacle known to man. Life is full of examples of the uneducated, the mentally and also physically challenged, civilization born into war-torn impoverished backgrounds, who might have complained about life gift unfair, yet who instead decided a different path – they determined to get over the odds and to leave the world much better than they discovered it. Regardless of the difficulties they faced, they had the personality to select contribution end complaint.

I don’t conflict that obstacles exist. Ns don’t even dispute that plenty of have one uphill fight due come the severity that the obstacles they face. What i vehemently problem is attempting come regulate, adjudicate, or legislate fairness somehow solves the world’s problems. Mandates don’t produce fairness, but people’s desire and determination deserve to work roughly or overcome most life challenges.

It doesn’t issue whether you room born through a silver spoon, plastic spoon, or no spoon at all. It’s no the circumstances through which you come right into this world, yet what you make of them once you arrive that matter. Among my clients involved this nation from Africa in his so late teens, barely spoke the language, drive a cab while functioning his method through college, and is now the chairman of a large technology services firm. Stories such together this space all roughly us – they room not miracles, nor space they the rarely exception. Castle do however demonstrate blindness to the mindset of the fairness doctrine.

From a leadership perspective, that a leader’s duty to perform the right thing, nevertheless of even if it is or not it’s regarded as the same thing. When leaders attempt to navigate the slippery slope of fairness, lock will uncover themselves arbiter of windy opinion and also hostage to the politics correct. Fair isn’t a standard to be enforced unless a leader is attempting come impose mediocrity. Same blends come a norm, and in doing so, it limits, inhibits, stifles, and also restricts, every under the guise that balance and equality. I believe fair just exists as a rationalization or justification. The complying with 11 points come from a start speech commonly attributed to Bill gateways entitled Rules because that Life. While many problem the source, whether it to be proffered by Bill gates or not, I often tend to agree through the hypothesis:

Rule 1: Life is no fair -- obtain used come it!

Rule 2: The people won"t care around your self-esteem. The world will suppose you to achieve something prior to you feel great about yourself.

Rule 3: You will NOT do $60,000 a year right out of high school. Friend won"t it is in a vice-president through a automobile phone till you earn both.

Rule 4: If friend think her teacher is tough, wait it rotates you obtain a boss.

Rule 5: Flipping burgers is no beneath her dignity. Her Grandparents had a various word for burger flipping -- they called it opportunity.

Rule 6: If you chaos up, it"s no your parents" fault, therefore don"t whine about your mistakes, find out from them.

Rule 7: prior to you were born, her parents weren"t as boring together they room now. They obtained that means from paying her bills, cleaning your clothes and listening to you talk about how cool you thought you are. So before you conserve the rain woodland from the helminth of your parent"s generation, shot delousing the closet in your own room.

Rule 8: Your college may have actually done away through winners and also losers, yet life has NOT. In some institutions they have abolished failing grades and also they"ll offer you as numerous TIMES as you desire to obtain the appropriate answer. This doesn"t bear the little resemblance to ANYTHING in genuine life.

Rule 9: Life is not split into semesters. You don"t acquire summers off and also very few employers are interested in help you find YOURSELF. Execute that top top your very own time.

Rule 10: tv is NOT real life. In actual life civilization actually need to leave the coffee shop and also go come jobs.

Rule 11: it is in nice come nerds. Opportunities are you"ll finish up working for one.

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Here’s the point – we all challenge challenges, and life treats us all unfairly. We all do regrettable choices, and we all endure from things thrust upon us perform to tiny if any type of fault of ours own. Once I experienced a debilitating stroke at an early age, I definitely asked myself “why go this happen to me?” I can have feeling sorry because that myself and also became bitter, I can have thrown in the towel and quit on my family and also myself – i didn’t. The took two years that gut-wrenching effort, however what I believed was a good injustice in ~ the time readjusted my life because that the better. Today, you couldn’t tell I ever before had a stroke. The best adversity life can throw at you just affords you an possibility to do changes, improve, and also get better.

By the location of today’s shaft you have no doubt surmised I believe life is no fair, nor perform I think we have to attempt to socially or financially engineer it to be such. Fair is no an target term – it is a matter of perspective filtered by a subjective assessment. My spatu assessment is the fair is one entitlement ide manufactured come appease those who somehow feel slighted. Life no fair - #occupyreality