Ultimately, the Lian Li PC-O5S isn"t for everyone and also that"s perfect fine, but those who have the right to justify the cost and want come think the this as a tech project, we believe you won’t be disappointed.
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By trident-gaming.neton December 19, 201490Ultimately, the Lian Li PC-O5S isn"t because that everyone and that"s perfect fine, however those who deserve to justify the cost and want to think that this together a tech project, we think you won’t be disappointed.

By Bit-tech.neton October 10, 201581

Lian Li PC-O5SX Review. Tempered glass, wall-mountable, super-slim mini-ITX case. It likewise costs practically £300

By techPowerUp!on September 30, 201589

The Lian Li PC-O5SX is because that those who want to display off their hardware in one elegant way, while using their mechanism for an ext than just media playback. V an intricate internal that deserve to house an effective enthusiast-grade hardware, a great mixture that materials, and an commercial look, the PC-O5SX intends to incorporate the finest of both human beings - design and function.

By themodzoo.comon February 24, 201580

Overall the Lian-Li PC-O5s is a an extremely nice case. The aluminum building and construction is usual Lian-Li quality, i m sorry is a great thing. The extensive alternatives for mounting drives make the case an extremely flexible in usage as well. The is advertised together an open up air wall surface mount...

By Kitguru.neton December 19, 201470

The brand-new O collection of Lian Li situations (that"s O because that Omega, not zero) proceeds a proud heritage of aluminum construction and a smart, stylish appearance the stands out from the crowd. This Mini-ITX PC-O5S is priced in ~ £214, when the Micro-ATX PC-O6S costs...

By Overclock3Don November 26, 2015

If you"ve read the review and also looked at the photos you"ll currently know that with its oversized full frame smoked glass panel and Black brushed Aluminium chassis,the Lian Li PC-O5S is one stunning case. The PC-O5S despite is not simply a simple desk top...

By uk.hardware.infoon April 30, 2015

The Lian Li PC-O5S is a unique enclosure. Sure, we"re provided to Lian Li using aluminium by now, and we"ve also seen enclosures with glass panels prior to (In Win involves mind – Lian Li likewise has other enclosures special glass panels in your line-up, but...

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By CowcotLandon January 12, 2015

A 269€, ce PC-O5S reste un boitier très cher. Certes, nous avons un beau verre trempé et un châssis en aluminium qui ne souffre pas la critique, mais les petites erreurs liées à la modularité du boitier sont nombreuses.Comme avec de plus en to add de...

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