Eelops Owl Emporium

Build the sweeper alongside the owner, and also sweep every the white dust turn off the floor. This one is really particular, so you will need to sweep every customs of the store again and also again until it pops, as it wont pop until every bit of dust is swept. GLITCH WARNING: Go for the yellow Brick AS shortly AS YOU build THE SWEEPER! There is a possibility the sweeper will not come ago a second time! see the glitch list above for details and also a possible (though no confirmed) workaround.

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Knockturn Alley (It is v the silver door opposite Madam Malkins (Where friend buy the characters), require Reducto)

Go come Borgin and Burkes (it is the critical shop at the end of the alley, to the left) and it is behind the counter.Hogwarts

Clock Tower:

WARNING: Before you go into here, make a backup save, together there is a possibly nasty glitch ahead.Use Immobolus on one of the Blue Pixies ~ above the left and also right hand side, then rise the stairs, go to the paint on the right, struggle it, and also it will drop a violet gear. Usage Wingardium Leviosa come slot the equipment in place, i m sorry will cause the maker to rest down. Next, walk to the Parseltongue Door ~ above the left, and this will reason the line to uncoil and the bell come ring, dropping the brick. GLITCH WARNING: Don"t use the Parseltongue Door prior to you placed in the purple gear, or this might reason the game to lock you the end of the gold Brick. If this happens, exit the video game by closeup of the door the application, and retry. If through some possibility the video game has currently saved, girlfriend will need to pack an previously save by backup. If girlfriend can"t do either the these, friend will have to start a brand new game.Second yellow Brick in this area. Time Turner Required. Time Turner Required. Usage Hermione ~ above the clock in the reduced right corner, climate walk up to the left rotating staircase. The AI will stop it because that you. Make certain you space playing together Hermione with Reducto. Go approximately the Rune Bookcase in the upper ideal hand corner, use Reducto ~ above the silver lock, then settle the Rune Bookcase for part pieces. Climate go approximately the painting on the left and hit the for much more pieces. Usage Wingardium Leviosa to put the piece on the clock, which are two hands. Next, usage the Wingardium Leviosa top top the frostbite head to prevent the best hand staircase so the AI can acquire up. Once the AI are close to you, use Wingardium Leviosa on among the clock hands. The AI need to do the same, and then host it in location for a few seconds and also you will gain the gold Brick. 

Fountain Courtyard:

To the left of the phibìc exit, you will watch a fit of armour you deserve to use Dark Magic on. This will reveal a broomstick. Use it, and also fly in the air and also collect every the blue studs (the yellow ones don"t matter). This will expose the brick in the air.

Muggle artifacts Room

(It"s the blue door in the grand Staircase, save going up til you check out it, then hit the to acquire in.)You require to acquire 3 rabbits into the spinning wheels. The an initial is acquired by hitting the painting to the best of the exit, then posting the letter with Wingardium Leviosa (1/3), the next is by hitting the blue tool kit ~ above the shelf (couldn"t target it, had actually to use the three benches on the left with Wingardium Leviosa, then climb up and also hit that while alongside it.) (2/3). Next, struggle the TV top top the right hand next of the room 4 times, and the rabbit will certainly pop out (3/3). This will unlock the brick. 

Left charm Classroom secret (Use Reducto top top the silver lock to get access.)

GLITCH WARNING: There is a possibility you can get grounding in this area, with no means out. Ago up her save prior to entering and also don"t try to leaving the room while the video game is saving, or leaving this room til last, when you have done everything else in this classroom. Likewise bring a Dark Magic wizard with you, because you might only get one shot at this.After resolving the dragon, jump on him to escape. Girlfriend will acquire the brick when you re-enter the Left charm Classroom. 

Library (Second Room)


Main Hall

You must hit 6 candles roughly the area. Two space on either next of the middle door (2/6). One is next to the ideal hand stairway (3/6) one more is alongside the left hand stair (4/6). One is in the middle of the two upper doors (5/6). The last one is not sure, since some of the candle get ruined when you hit them. If you are having actually trouble detect 2 that the candles, try hitting the banners over the left doors, one top top the lower level and one top top the top level. 

Entrance Hall

You should hit four banners roughly the area. To target the ones increase high, was standing well back, between the blue and yellow banners. The target the blue and yellow banners themselves. 

Great Hall

On the tables space 6 pairs of green cups and a jug. There is one ~ above the left table, close to the bottom (1/6). Top top the table next to that one, it is approximately the middle (2/6). One the following table, there is one top top the bottom-middle (3/6). There room two on the appropriate table, ~ above the top-middle (5/6). The last one is on the teacher table, in the middle. The yellow brick will show up high in the air. To obtain it, hit each of the 3 eco-friendly dishes in ~ the top of the tables. There are three from right to left. 

Bathroom Hallway

Go approximately the upper component of the hallway, and also follow the route until you check out a maze behind a glass. Usage Wingardium Leviosa on the object inside, and navigate through the maze to the hole in the reduced right. Keep in mind that girlfriend must have actually an AI character near you therefore they can move the blocks out of the way. When you have actually the object, hit it, and also it will certainly turn into a snail. Monitor it a quick ways for her brick. 

The grand Staircase

Near the leave to the main Hall (on the shortest floor), there will certainly be a painting of a person playing Quidditch. Fight the painting and he will throw the ball. Move up 5 stairs and also hit the next Quidditch player. Move back down 2 stairs and hit the following Quiddich player. Now relocate up come the top floor for your brick. 

Dumbledores Office (Only available once the story is complete)

In front of the desk is a chest v a silver lock. Use Reducto to open it and get your brick. 

House Hallway

Hit 5 banner in the hallway. Indigenous the really left, over there is the Slytherin banners (1/5). Going ideal a bit, there are the two Gryffindor banners (3/5). There is the Hufflepuff Banner a tiny to the appropriate (4/5). Finally, come the much right is the Ravenclaw Banner (5/5). 

Ravenclaw common Room + Dormitory (Must have Ravenclaw character to access)

You have to hit 5 yellow publications both in this room and also the Ravenclaw typical Room (previous room). In the common Room, the very first book is bouncing up and also down on the left. You should hit the point it"s bouncing on in order to gain it. (1/5). The 2nd is either on the bookshoelf in ~ the earlier right (it"s a little bigger than the various other books) or near it. (2/5) The third one is top top the very same bookshelf, yet to the right. (3/5). In the Dormitory, over there is one under the second bed native the left (4/5) and one under the rightmost bed (5/5). You must hit the bed to get at them. 

Hufflepuff common Room

Right as you go into there is a box with a silver- lock. Use Reducto come smash the lock, then use Wingardium Leviosa to placed the cake in the painting. The brick will appear on peak of the box. 

Gryffindor Dormitory

Hit all the beds about the room, and the brick will appear above one that the beds. Bounce increase to obtain it.(Requires Time Turner) fight the trunk to the left that the north window, and jump under to obtain the brick. 

Slytherin Dormitory

There is a trunk in prior of the second bed indigenous the left. Struggle it come send stuff into the pool of water, then jump right into the swimming pool for your brick. 

Quidditch Grounds

Use Reducto top top the silver- lock ~ above the trunk. This will release rings into the air. Usage Harry on one of the broomsticks and also fly with them. You will certainly then obtain the Victor (Dragon Task) token and the yellow Brick. 

Herbology Classroom

When you enter, do not destroy the plant at the various other side that the room. Instead, jump on it, and then run on the earmuff cabinet, climate jump come the gold Brick. 


For this one, you require to relocate up to the 2nd floor the the Owlery. To carry out this, over there is a chest on the bottom floor. Struggle it, and also then usage Wingardium Leviosa. Owls will then drop piece up the stairs. Put them together and also it will form a platform, i beg your pardon owls will certainly then connect to. Run on, and also it will certainly take you to the 2nd floor. When there, usage Wingardium Leviosa on the violet feather top top the left, and it will disclose some pieces. Put them together for your brick.(Time Turner Required) once in the past, there room three mailboxes ~ above the floor, a red one, a green one, and also a blue one. Use Wingardium Leviosa to put them in the equivalent slots in the wall surface on the right. This will certainly unlock the brick. 

Hagrid"s Hut

When you go into this area, there will certainly be three rock slabs ~ above the ground. Use Wingardium Leviosa come straighten lock (one of them should be hit first before you deserve to straighten it, it"s the center one), then usage the very same spell ~ above the broom come clean turn off the bird poop. This will disclose the brick.

Quidditch Gate

To the ideal of the time entrance, there is a bench. Hop on and wait for her AI companion to lift you up. You can have come take regulate of them and also move lock a little closer before it will certainly register. Then, run across the tent to the left, and also use Wingardium Leviosa ~ above the Quidditch ball, releasing it and givng the yellow Brick below, come the left that the time entrance. (Time Turner Required. The is in a destruction spot in prior of the billboard top top the left) once you spawn in the past, there will certainly be a destruction spot come the right. Use Crookshanks to dig up some pieces, and then put them together to make a podium. There is a sheet book to the left, so use Wingardium Leviosa to placed it top top the podium. Next, usage the same spell top top the sheet, and also hold it for a couple of seconds, and also the brick will appear in the center of the instruments. 

Hagrid"s Garden

This component is technically a story part in Year 2, but because there"s never any prompt to walk here, chances are girlfriend missed it. Friend will obtain the yellow Brick when after you cure Ron. When you do, you will certainly be put back outside. When you re-enter, develop the cauldron if friend haven"t done so. The pieces will certainly be in the peak left of the garden, consisting of the water. Once done, usage Wingardium Leviosa to gain the cauldron on the fire and also start bubbling, developing a wind gust. The yellow Brick will appear here ~ you have actually healed Ron in the story part.(Time Turner Required. The pieces room on the best side the the garden) First, use the dig spot ~ above the appropriate to acquire the scarecrow head. This will certainly crack the ground, so use Fang to destruction it up. This will expose 4 pumpkins. Smash every one of them, and also then put all the pieces together with Wingardium Leviosa. Use Hagrid on the orange handle. After ~ the mayhem, put together the piece are have actually appeared. Finally, put the egg ~ above the left right into the brand-new fireplace. The brick must then appear.



At the bottom, use the fishing pole v Wingardium Leviosa come fish out part pieces. Put them with each other for a frog. Monitor them into the water and go through the poles that appear. The yellow brick will appear at the end. 

Classroom Hall

If you walk up the left stairs and follow the path around, you will see a large "H" top top the wall. There are pieces top top the floor that you will need to put top top the "H" through Wingardium Leviosa. The dark blue component goes on the top right. The green part goes in the middle, ~ above the right. The yellow part is fifty percent of the right center part, as the bottom. The irradiate blue component goes ~ above the lower right. The red goes on the reduced left. The orange goes on the upper left. After ~ it"s complete, ruin the grey component that appears for one more puzzle. First, use Wingardium Leviosa top top the disconnected pipeline to affix it, then usage a pet (Crookshanks works for this) to get in the feet on the right, and also bring them over to the chain on the left, i beg your pardon will ruin it, revealing your brick.

2nd Defence against the Dark art Classroom

You need to ruin 7 silver objects through Reducto. The an initial is come the right, organized by pixies. Death them to obtain it. (1/7) One is on the left, hosted by a Devils Snare. Use Lumos to obtain it. (2/7) One is organized in a blue cage, while the other is a brick wall surface to the left of that (4/7). One more is being held by a pixie, kill it to get it come drop (5/7) One is in the Rune Bookcase by the exit, settle it to acquire it. (6/7). Now, the critical one I got accidentally before starting this part of the guide, yet I didn"t execute anything unique to obtain it, so I should have damaged it by accident, therefore it will certainly be easy to spot. (7/7). The brick will show up in the facility of the room.

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Pendulum Basement

After the four pendulums, go under the stairs, then do your means across the platform section. As soon as you see 2 pixies hold up part pillars, kill them for her brick. 

Potions class (Side Room)

In this room, you need to gain 3 secrets to access the upper areas. The gate is ~ above the right. Friend will need a vital character, a book character, and also a Hufflepuff character. Use Reducto on package to the left because that a Polyjuice potion cauldron. Because that the an initial key, use the publication character on the Rune Bookcase on the right (1/3). Next, use Wingardium Leviosa on the left gargoyle (beside the painting), and then construct the crucial mechanism, and then use your key character ~ above it. (2/3). Finally, change one that your personalities to a Hufflpuff personality to get the key from the painting. (3/3).Use the block to gain up top top the left ledge, and either use an old personality (such together Dumbledore or Lucius Malfoy) or use the Aging potion in the ahead classroom. 

Transfiguration great (Side Room) (Requires Reducto come access)

You need to turn the dummies into pets using transfiguration (red ~ above the assignment wheel). Friend can"t to walk on the runway they space coming from, however you can stand on just south that it and spam 
 until the it appears. 

Charms classroom (Right basement)

Once you go into the 2nd room, usage Lumos on the appropriate hand stop the cage, climate the left, and the brick will drop.