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If you"re a martial arts cinephile, then one of the most rare things in the world is an original, unedited version of DRUNKEN MASTER II. What floats around in abundance are these VHS tapes and DVDs that are re-edited or re-released versions of the 1994 classic. To date, no DVD has been distributed that preserves the original aspect ratio and the uncut version with the original Cantonese audio track. My DVD copy - I curse it even as I watch it - is the 2000 North American release that re-titled the thing as THE LEGEND OF DRUNKEN MASTER. My DVD comes dubbed in English and French, but at least Jackie does his own English dub. Sorry, Jackie, I had to turn on the English caption for the hearing-impaired.It"s maybe the most tongue-in-cheek take on revered Chinese folk hero Wong Fei Hung, and, yeah, I"d seen Jet Li"s and Gordon Liu"s take on Wong Fei Hung in, respectively, the ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA films and in CHALLENGE OF THE MASTERS (1976) and MARTIAL CLUB (1981). Jackie"s Wong Fei Hung is still sort of chafing under his stern physician father"s (Ti Lung) thumb, but he"s still got it in him to rebel and goof off, maybe because his step-mom Ling (Anita Mui) is even more rascally than he is (while hubbie"s away, step-mom gambles in mah-jong with her cronies). The plot involves sneery westerners plundering China"s historical relics and the faking of ginseng roots and step-mom"s antics and vicious class warfare at the old steel mill and a decorated Manchu officer (Lau Kar-Leung) who pops in early to accuse Wong of being a traitor. And some other stuff.Just goes to show the sheer badasssery of Jackie Chan"s filmography, I don"t even think DRUNKEN MASTER II ranks in his top five best. There"s a crap top of cheesy moments and silly slapstick that"ll make you groan. And, by 1994, Jackie was up there in age enough that I would"ve bought it more if he"d played his movie dad"s brother rather than his scamp of a son.What makes this sequel so memorable are the action scenes. Jackie Chan is again at his jaw-dropping best. I admire this dude so much for the dangerous lengths he went to just to entertain us. It"s also super neat that he"s applying drunken boxing. It"s such a specific and visually distinct technique. There must be five or six showstopping fights, capped off by the virtuoso climactic showdown at the steel mill between Jackie and that impressive kicky master, Low Houi Kang, who I believe was a member of Jackie"s elite stunt team, as well as Jackie"s personal bodyguard.

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Almost as good is the restaurant melee as Jackie and Lau Kar-Leung take on the swarming Ax Gang. As usual, stick around for the end credit outtakes that demonstrate how much Jackie suffers for his craft.The DVD"s bonus stuff:- Behind the Master - an interview with Jackie Chan (in English, 00:06:34 minutes)