“Enchanting and also so neatly planed they feeling made through time, this stories mark the debut the a writer come watch.” —John Freeman, literary Hub

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Last One the end Shut off the lamp is one evocative portrait the the last-chance towns of southwest Louisiana, whereby oil development, industrial pollution, dice wetlands, and the ever-present danger of devastating hurricanes have eroded your inhabitants’ feeling of home. This eleven piercing stories function indelible characters struggling to uncover a foothold in a people that is forever washing the end from under them, world who have to reckon through their ambivalence about belonging to a place so continually in flux.
In a collection whose resonant echoes abound, we satisfy a reluctant teenage mom who stows her baby in a closet to steal a night out; a spiteful retiree that sabotages his neighbor in the wake up of a hurricane; a Pentecostal singer in a children’s theater company who confronts the cultish leader of she troupe; a community of elderly Cajuns that conspire v a household of Sudanese immigrant to hide an escaped cow from the authorities; and a desperate young woman who tries to traction her brother to Mexico for surgery, determined to save his life and her own.
As Lauren groff did because that the state the Florida in her recent collection Florida, Stephanie Soileau demonstrates that Louisiana is as much a state of mind as it is a ar on the map. A love letter to the Cajun language, life rhythms, and also customs the still do the an ar unique, critical One the end Shut off the lamp is also a an effective reminder that the treacherous escape courses that bedevil anyone longing to leave home, and the trap that continue to be for those who desire come return.

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"The story in last One out Shut off the Lights are stark and also unflinching, though there is warmth and also humor, too. The means bayous flow in both directions, these stories relocate from darkness come deep feeling and ago again. There are also deeply forgiveness portraits of women who acquire left behind, hardscrabble ones and also ones that were never permitted to believe so never ever really tried. Like a lovechild of Lucia Berlin and Walker Percy, this publication is a lightning bolt that a literature debut, one that lights the sky, ignites fires, and also changes all that behold it."—Adam Johnson, Pulitzer prize winner because that The Orphan Master's Son and also National publication Award winner because that Fortune Smiles

"Soileau debuts through this repertoire of stories around her house state that Louisiana. Following a series of characters who struggle to stay rooted in one area plagued by hurricanes, pollution and also poverty, it aims to capture the region, distinguished by that is Cajun influence, with complexity and nuance."—Jennifer Day, Chicago Tribune
"Last One the end Shut off the lamp is a knockout. Stephanie Soileau conjures southerly Louisiana in every its i can not qualify specificity, the tank farms and also check-cashing joints, the mobile-home dealerships and chemical plants. Her characters are as complex and surprising as your most impossible relatives---maddening, ridiculous, heartbreaking, heroic. I loved this book."—Jennifer Haigh, brand-new York time bestselling author of The Condition
“Last One the end Shut turn off the Lights is an evocative portrait of the last-chance towns of southwest Louisiana, where oil development, industrial pollution, dice wetlands, and also the ever-present hazard of terrible hurricanes have eroded your inhabitants’ sense of home. This eleven piercing stories function indelible characters struggling to find a foothold in a world that is forever washing the end from under them, human being who need to reckon with their ambivalence around belonging come a ar so continuous in flux.”—Amy R. Martin, Southern review of Books
“Soileau’s stories space distinct and imaginative... She descriptions feel entirely fresh and relatable, inviting the leader to meditate top top the dark pressures of desire and futility that permeate our lives... Critical One out Shut off the Lights is not simply a tableau of hardship but also, perhaps, a love letter come Louisiana. Soileau’s characters cannot wait come escape, and also yet lock lean into the landscape’s acquainted contours together a kind of comfort.”—Krista Karlson, The Sierra Club
"A stunning debut indigenous a writer come watch... Southwest Louisiana native Soileau portrays the beauty of her residence state as well as the poverty, and also her empathy and love because that its world are evident."—Booklist (starred review)
"These hilarious and heartbreaking stories follow outcasts of every stripes. What tote us with is Stephanie Soileau"s amazing voice---honest, bracing, and constantly emphatic---as she introduces united state to these unforgettable personalities and allows us come disappear a small into their lives. Last One out Shut turn off the lamp is a beautiful collection about the complication the home and also the difficulty of belonging. I loved these stories."—Brit Bennett, brand-new York times bestselling writer of The Mothers
"Enchanting and so neatly planed they feeling made by time, these stories mark the debut the a writer to watch."—John Freeman, Lit Hub, many Anticipated publications of 2020
"These warm-blooded, deep-feeling story astound through their empathy, fervor, and unstoppable power. The characters here room shaped by your conflicting selves as lot as by the terra firma of Louisiana, which comes across like no other place. This book resounds lengthy after reading."—Ling Ma, PEN/Hemingway award finalist because that Severance
“This is a complicated and engrossing portrait of mankind as it exist in a place that is deeply affected by the exploitation of resources and people.”—Sarah Neilson, Shondaland
“A love letter to Louisiana, critical One out Shut the end the lamp is a repertoire of eleven quirky, personal, provocative story with personalities that may remind you of someone you know… Soileau paints a photo not just of a place, but of a people; where have actually they been and also where room they walk in one ever-changing world."—Ashley McLellan, My brand-new Orleans
"These marvelous, deep engaging stories space fierce and also yearning, glowing through Stephanie Soileau"s compassion and wit and intelligence. Her characters are unforgettable, and their ambitions and also passions and hurts crackle in ~ the blazing lights of the Louisiana oilfields. This arsenal is one astonishing achievement. Ns will read every native this writer writes."—Kirstin Valdez Quade, National publication Award 5 Under 35 winner and also author the Night in ~ the Fiestas
"Stephanie Soileau is a natural-born storyteller, and Last One out Shut off the lamp is flooded through heartache and soul and humor and wisdom. As one of her narrators says, Brace yourself now. This is an exceptional and wide-ranging collection, plain and simple."—Peter Orner, National book Critics Circle compensation finalist and author the Maggie Brown & Others
"Stephanie Soileau is a excellent writer---funny, fearless, generous, and also wise---and critical One out Shut off the Lights is among the many savage, heartbreaking, and an effective collections I"ve check out in many years. Ns can"t stop thinking about it. This publication is a triumph."—Molly Antopol, author of the National publication Award longlisted The UnAmericans
"Soileau"s vivid debut repertoire delves right into snapshots of rough-hewn Louisianan lives... To fill with thick disquietude, these tales portray lives that space wrung dried by relentless conflicts and challenges. The personalities are markedly distinct amongst the stories... Soileau shines a memorable irradiate on a lesser-seen slice of Louisiana."—Publishers Weekly

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