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l, twelfth letter that the alphabet. Ancestors of this letter to be the Semitic lamedh, which may derive indigenous an previously symbol representing an ox goad, and also the Greek lambda (λ). The type appearing top top the Moabite rock was rounded. Various other Greek forms were uncovered in beforehand inscriptions indigenous Attica and also Corinth. The former was additionally usual in the Chalcidian alphabet, and the Etruscan form was similar. Therefore the Latin and Faliscan alphabets acquired their kind L v the oblique stroke becoming horizontal. The modern form L derives from the Latin.

In the uncial creating of the 7th century or earlier, the vertical stroke was raised over the line. In Latin cursive that the sixth century, l shows up as a rounded form, and also this is the parental of the Carolingian form, native which start the present rounded minuscule or the directly form.

The sound repetitively represented by the letter transparent its background has been the liquid or “lateral” for which that at present stands. This is no made favor the sound that R by twirling the reminder of the tongue but by permitting the air to escape in ~ both sides of the tongue or (as in Welsh) in ~ one side only (written ll, a breathed consonant). In some languages, such together in certain Slavonic languages, the contrast between a earlier l and also a front l is distinctive. This is no the situation in English, however in basic the English l is express farther ago than the l in German and particular other continental languages. The l in could or would is silent. An l is never doubled in ~ the beginning of one English word except in a couple of words of Spanish or Spanish-American beginning (e.g., llama) or Welsh origin (e.g., Lloyd).

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