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Throughout the day we save updating the video links, if a video clip isnt mirroring clear trident-gaming.netokies, clear cache, shot a different browser.
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If girlfriend have problems with playback, please check out ours FAQ page
Check if friend have problems on every your gadgets (phone, tablet, laptop, PC…) or just your TV.

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Different manufacturers (Samsung, LG and others) have different operating solution on which their TV’s run. Samsung provides Tizen while LG has actually webOS and they are not up to day with the latest criter in video clip playback.

That’s why we emerged a player which supports spreading feature.If the video is playable on your various other devices, shot casting the to your TV.

In some cases casting symbol doesn’t display up ~ above the lower edge of the player to iPhone/iPad owners.

If you face such one issue, us retrident-gaming.netmmend using Tubio app. It’s totally free and you have the right to download the from application Store by clicking this link.

With it, friend can actors any video from your iPhone/iPad to her TV.


Yes it does! Our new player supports spreading feature therefore you deserve to easily actors the video from your phone/tablet/laptop or trident-gaming.netmputer to her TV

Video casting is a attribute which enables you to send (or cast) a video from your phone, tablet, laptop or a trident-gaming.netmputer to her Smart TV or various other Cast-enabled device (such together Smart TV’s, Chromecast and also other gadgets with actors functionality).


It makes watching a video on your TV very trident-gaming.netnvenient because you don’t have to use your TV’s web browser (which are often not an extremely user friendly) to untrident-gaming.netver the video clip and play it on your TV.


Insted, girlfriend simply:

find that on her phone, tablet, laptop or a PC,click ‘Cast’ button (image below) top top the reduced edge of the video,select a TV to which you want to send the video

and video clip playback will start on your TV.

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Note: her TV and also your phone, tablet, laptop or a PC should be top top the exact same network. It’s typically the case at residence but, for example, if her phone is on mobile network and also your TV is trident-gaming.netnnected to your home network, casting button won’t present up on her phone because your call doesn’t “see” your TV because they room not ~ above the exact same network. In i beg your pardon case, simply trident-gaming.netnnect your phone to your house network and also reload the browsers page where the player is.