Ended increase with having to sneak right into the woods to watch the 3 women. Acquired to the component where you finish up fighting 2 bandits. Eliminated the bandits, conserved all 3 women. Saw pastor and he chastised me for killing the men. Fine… totally cool with this. However, I want to save the 3 witchcraft practicing women and also not kill the men…

So, reloaded a save that is right when the ladies think Lucifer is in the woods coming to greet them. Ns go with the very same procedure, sell to have sex v the Mare… 2 bandits show…

No issue WHAT ns do… just how I choose to save the guys alive, the quest won’t move on, if you just knock out the men. At the very least one of lock will proceed to run back and forth right into the influenced area, and also the search won’t progress to the moment advance… If I enter the woods to begin the time advance, the women show up dead and also no Bandits present. Yes sir something wrong through the truth that the Bandits, even though friend knock castle unconscious, or make them run away, they quiet come back to kill the women…

Either that possibility of a search branch no exist, or the broken and also too complicated to achieve… this have to be readily available as a choice as well. Emotion a small shoe-horned…


Kolomnitcki February 28, 2018, 1:45am #2

Welcome come club.

SPOILER * dance with adversary Bugs
did anyone find an satisfying systems for that quest? because that me it ends up through someones dead regardless of mine previous actions. My very first idea was to usage a blunt weapon through low damage. This appeared to occupational as the “bandits” yielded yet the following morning they were dead anyway. Because that the next shot I supplied my fists. This time the “bandits” began to run approximately the fire and also the females just passed away after some time. Is this pursuit buggy or perform i just miss something?

sniperdoc February 28, 2018, 1:48am #3

Ugggh… i was fear of that…


MrGold February 28, 2018, 2:14am #4

Yeah. I also wanted to carry out the quest without interfering in ~ all but that is not possible apparently as the quest doesn’t move forward till you eventually enter the circle. Ns really dislike that specifically as it offers you the optional target of no interfering.

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the search doesn’t relocate forward till you eventually get in the circle.

No, you can fail job “Interrupt” and wait until bandits space come. However game doesn’t inspect player status, and even if you no on drugs, bandits (why space they bandits?) fancifully dressed.

That part of the search is just terrible, exceptionally linear and also scripted. That not only contradicts the soul of this game, the a complete insulting illusion of choice (insult come intelligence).

Whether friend wait or get in the circle, exact same result.You chose dialogue A or B, it is the same.You do not want to fornicate… no choice at all.You shot an Antidote potion…You run away… nothing can be excellent at all.

If I sign up with in the circle or wait exterior the circle, over there is an attack and the attackers room dressed the same.

Check the end this one : ns shoot one arrow, one woman flees. They every leave. I get in the circle: the triggers the very same old script again!

If i pull the attackers far (who are doing zero damages to me), ns magically loss down and also wake hours later… which is just a bad programming script (I was never close to the Witch potion).

If i poke lock for just 3 points of damages with the Dollmaker potion, the attackers loss dead.

Might as well just have made it a long cutscene together we have no an option at all.Love the game, but this little bit is …

EDIT: best solution i found. Wait outside of the cutscene zone, as argued by the video game actually, and wait because that their entire ceremony to it is in done. Two bandits attack: take them down. No ns in Reputation i think and the women must still be alive.

In mine case, after ending up being the Lucifer and also killing the bandits/woodcutters and also after talking to priest I’ve decided that the Inquisition inspection need to end.Sir Hanush to be mad in ~ me that the investigator has dissaperared without a trace.I laugh my earlier off when he included something like: “I knew that would finish that method if i let you go alone”.


And the life in Ushitz went back to normal.

I store thinking the there was supposed to be one more solution somewhere previously in the quest. The Witch potion deserve to be brewed, so the logical point to execute would be to spike the females even prior to they obtain to the woods. That way they realize just exactly how much problem they would get into and also abandon your plans. Unfortunately, ns haven’t to be able come discover any game system to do this in any type of of my 5+ attempts.

I couldn’t uncover a means to save both the women and also the woodcutters. The best option I discovered was to follow the females to their fire, clock from a distance until the woodcutters show up, agro the woodcutters, then ride out of over there without hurting anyone. You deserve to tell the father the you adhered to the women, but you did every little thing you can to conserve them indigenous the woodcutters.

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I discovered that if you follow the women to the fire, but then leave automatically after the to walk sleep at the Uzhitz inn, then the pursuit bugs out. It falls short you ~ above the intervene in the chanting objective, yet then doesn’t offer you an additional objective. The quest is still there, but has no next objective. If friend go back to the fire later, then the women are still there and the woodcutters attack. I guess you might just permit the search hang if you never ever go back, and let the ladies live at the campfire because that the remainder of the game.