Sanjou, the renowned guy who constantly gets the girl in the small country town he"s from, in reality likes to talk about his hobby, i m sorry is listening come techno music. However, there"s no one roughly him who is interested in it. One day, he learned that his favorite DJ will certainly be play at a venue near him and also faking his ID, that snuck into the club. Come his surprise, his classmate Igarashi is there together a DJ!! In this great of music, my body will be violated by the sounds played by this dark-eyed guy.

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Seinen is fairly popular and also yet he has nothing he might get himself into and also had no experience of falling in love. This make Seinen annoyed with himself. One after ~ school, he discovered Noiri in the music room, playing the piano and also decided to discover the cello from him. The was simply something that began from a whim but as they spend time together, Seinen dropped for Noiri. Yet it seems, Noiri is hiding a secret…?

Still a high schooler, Misumi is a professional pianist with dreams of coming to be professional. But, ~ a traumatic endure in his past, Misumi struggles to carry out in public. When Minatobe suddenly begs Misumi to teach him exactly how to pat the piano, Misumi slowly overcomes his fears and through their friendship and also then relationship.

Vocalist Shori and guitarist Nozomu room engulfed in a passionate love affair as soon as they have to be researching for your college enntrance gate exams. And arrogant bassist Ai is going come America alone? even worse, drummer Yumeji appears to be connected in a mysterious incident!

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Movie lover Seo Dongju and genius composer Han Dawoon"s very first encounter couldn"t be worse! yet after castle accidentally reunite at school and get acquainted, they grow an ext and an ext curious around each other... The two boys’ chaotic and also heart-fluttering melody unfolds.

Shuichiro provided to secretly go come the terrace of his school, throughout lunch, once skipping classes and also when that didn"t desire to go home. There he knew Konno. Part say that was complicated to talk, that he is intimidating and scary... But there is who say that is a camera fanatic and an all of sudden nice guy.Respect, envy, jealousy and also inferiority complex will note their friendship. A masked kid who is hiding behind a fake laugh all his tormented thought and a simple-hearted friend who begin to mobilize all the disputes without realizing.

One job Kento, a vocalist in a little band, is scouted by a talent firm to become a component of a professional band. The trouble is, he to know the man that the band is going come be focused around, the prodigious Takatou Karou.... And does not prefer him a tiniest bit?

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I have sex in the music room, and also the boy practices violin top top the rooftop. I thought we"d never cross paths...... There"s a reason why I"m constantly having sex in the music room; ns can"t acquire turned on there is no his violin melody. However, when he saw me fooling roughly the wheels of fate started turning... "I want to corruption you." What walk this feeling mean...!?

Thanks to the remarkable last native of his grandfather,​ young and also adorable Makoto"s virginity is the target that every teacher who wants to be primary of his school! will fleeing to the mountains to recruit his childhood friend Kintaro it is in the answer to his prayers.​.. And wildest fantasies?​

Newly appointed to the college student council together Vice President, Chiga is passionate to begin his duties, especially beside the attractive and naive president Kokusai. Together Kokusai is oblivious to others" developments and is too timid come speak up because that himself once he’s groped top top the train, Chiga decides to companion him daily as a bodyguard. However, tiny did Chiga know that he’d start to autumn for his sempai...

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At a style firm called Yebisu Graphics, just the best – and the finest looking – space accepted. It’s a ar for classy design, classy society, and classy love affairs. The cute new part-timer, Haruka Fujinami, wake up to capture his boss’s eye… Is that only getting teased, or is there something more between them?

Ranmaru is handsome, popular, a master of kendo and adoredby his roommate and lover Enjoji. However when Ranmaru is affiliated in a hit and runaccident, he loses the capability to partake in his beloved sport, and also comes tofully evaluate the male who loves the for that he is. Unfortunately, thatappreciation won"t stop other feasible suitors the soon shot their happy withthe dashing college student, and also he finds self in a compromising positionwith one of his professors. Is Ranmaru destined to remain with Enjoji forever,even as soon as ex-kendo student Kei beginning the picture?

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