Shin Ha Kyun and his love for ex-girlfriend Kim Go Eun- This is still the only girl he ever fell in love with!

Shin Ha Kyun recently returned in the movie Beyond Evil, where he will collaborate with juniors Yeo Jin Goo.The psychological thriller is about two men who are willing to break rules and the law in their pursuit of a serial killer. As they attempt to track down the murderer, they must repeatedly ask themselves, “Who is the monster? Is it you? Is it me? Is it us? ”This will be Shin Ha Kyun’s comeback movie in 2021. Especially many viewers always want to know about his love story in real life.Up to now, after more than 20 years working in the Korean entertainment industry with great success, he is currently single.

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Revealing the beautiful dating story of Kim Go Eun and ex-boyfriend Shin Ha Kyun before breaking up causes regret!


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He love story also made many people interested. Up to now, Shin Ha Kyun has had an official love affair with Kim Go Eun.

Kim Go Eun and Shin Ha Kyun suddenly announced dating from June 2016. At that time, the whole Korean showbiz was shocked, many fans protested because of their age, Shin Ha Kyun was 17 years older than Kim Go Eun. Many fans even predicted that they would break up quickly.After only 8 months of being together, the couple surprised Korean Showbiz by announcing their breakup due to busy schedules and no time for each other.After the Korean media published the information, the management company of the two actors also confirmed.The company said, “The two broke up at the end of February. They felt apart because of their busy schedule. They will continue to maintain their hoobaes, seniors and help each other at work.”.

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According to the media, the large gap in age makes the two of them gradually separate from each other and think that the feelings are not love but only feelings of “Seniors – juniors”.Honestly, Shin Ha Kyun is really not suitable for Kim Go Eun, Because the age gap is too big, it will easily cause them to have disagreements about lifestyle, … So the fact that they broke up does not cause the audience surprise.However, the media also revealed that Shin Ha Kyun really loved Kim Go Eun a lot. Up to now, Kim Go Eun is still the only girl who steals Shin Ha Kyun’s heart.


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