I have actually a Dell XPS 8930 desktop computer PC and also when i look in maker Manager I see that the driver for the Killer E2400 Gigabit Controller is together follows:

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Why does my PC's maker Manager show a driver variation of if the Dell website shows a driver version of 2.1.1295? i downloaded this driver install .exe native the Dell website, ran it, and also it didn't change my Killer E2400 Gigabyte Controller driver in ~ all also after a reboot.

Am ns doing something dorn trying to upgrade this driver? Thanks.



Please private message us the system service tag details in addition to the registered name so the we have the right to assist girlfriend further. SK

u/trident-gaming.net1701d The 2.1.1295 is the Killer Control facility Suite Version, while you view the Driver variation of the hardware being for your Ethernet. Girlfriend can always find the latest drivers here.

If you space experiencing concerns with her Killer Networking adapter, we'd like to help! You can reach the end to us straight here - https://support.killernetworking.com/submit-a-ticket/

To aid expedite the ticket procedure please carry out a Diagnostic together with your ticket if possible. 

Diagnostic Tool: https://support.killernetworking.com/download/killer-diagnostics/

Once you have the application downloaded, please operation the application, click begin at the bottom left and then, when it is finished, click save to conserve the calculation file, and also attach the output file to her reply. Please carry out not copy and paste the results right into your reply email. Please affix the output .TXT document to her reply, instead.

Thank you again for her time - Nicholas with Killer Networking


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Created might 19, 2011

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