Don"t shed Your method Goes through Everything is a series of YouTube Poop videos that play any type of footage through a segment the "Before My human body is Dry"<1>, a popular song from the anime Kill la Kill<2>, in the background, where the heat "Don"t shed your way" is sung. It is done in a comparable fashion to Guile"s theme Goes with Everything, do the footage to appear an ext epic<3>.

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The very first known mashup video using the track was post by a YouTuber Stalker Humanoid<4> titled "Kill la Eddie" top top January 5th, 2014. The video clip contains a scene from television crime drama collection Miami Vice<5> in i beg your pardon Eddie gets shot through a shotgun if "Don"t shed your way" segment theatre in the background, parodying how the tune is offered in Kill la Kill. Top top January 7th, a redditor defearl<6> posted a attach to the video clip on death la kill subreddit<7>, coining and popularizing the expression "Don"t lose Your means Goes v Everything" amongst the anime community.


Following defearl"s thread, numerous redditors on death la Kill and anime subreddits started creating and also posting comparable videos, stating "it yes, really does go v everything". The provided footage range from tv shows and other anime to video clip game clips.<8>





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