The = sign suggests to Python the this is a keyword parameter, no a positional one. Since the component to the left of the = is one expression test<"info"> you acquire the error.

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The factor for not allowing assignment in Python expressions is a common, hard-to-find bug in those various other languages, led to by this construct:

if (x = 0) // error handlingelse // password that just works for nonzero xSource : http://docs.python.org/faq/design.html#why-can-t-i-use-an-assignment-in-an-expression



I think what you desire to carry out is to happen it together a glob type.

show(*test) law this friend must match your arg signature so check will have to be characterized as

test = "d" : Trueor show will need to be

def show(result):


Because usually it provides no sense. What execute you want to obtain from that? Assignment doesn"t return a value.

Let"s think the a couple of possibilities:

The expression need to be passed together a duty - you need to use lambda, or produce an really function.The expression should return a boolean for success - Python raises exception on failure, examine for those instead.The expression should give None - over there is no worth to this.

Either way, what you room trying to execute doesn"t do sense.


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