Every January, key West stuffs chin with some of the best cuisine that south Florida needs to offer throughout the key West Food & wine Festival. Indigenous tastings and also seminars come tours, the festival boasts everything your love – and stomach – can desire. And this year, we right here at 24 north aren’t just participating, we’re hosting, too.

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Mark her calendars for January 28, 2017. Native 5-8 p.m., we’ll it is in throwing a Grilled Cheese & Beer Pairing, exterior by ours gorgeous pool. Top top the menu are assorted artisanal sandwiches prefer Harvarti + Lobster, accompanied by the local Ballast suggest Longfin Lager, or a mix the apple, bacon, and brie to go v the Cigar City Jai Alai.

However, if you take place to it is in in city a day early, on Friday, January 27, 2017, autumn in following door at our sisters hotel, The Gates, because that a pinot tasting benefits Pawadise pet Rescue. Not only do you obtain to soak increase as much pinot noir as you’d like, the an ext you drink, the much more you end up donating to a great cause. Every $1 from each pinot offered goes come the structure – and there will certainly be adoptions easily accessible as well.

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Now, if you acquire into town really early, our friends in ~ The Marker are throwing a “Girls Night Out” ~ above Tuesday, January 24. Think of it as the pre-game come Henry Flager’s Welcome Party, the yearly kick-off commemorating the railroad tycoon behind the overseas Railroad.

Once we’re excellent hosting, we’re hope to get a clues on among the go tours. Not just do you acquire a guided tourism of Old Town, yet you gain to stop in at the restaurants follow me the way. This year the “Neighborhood Strolls” go v both Bahama village and the historic Seaport. There’s also the “Bad Ass Brunch Series” which features both new and standard brunch spots, favor the Roof peak Café and key West newcomer, Blue Macaw, which is rumored to have actually one the the finest Bloody Marys top top the island.

For the wine connoisseurs, over there are number of wine seminars, covering French wines, Rieslings, and Pinot Noirs from approximately the world. The seminar “The Riesling Revolution” looks especially interesting, as it will certainly cover the existing trend in production of dried Rieslings in the united States. For a finish list the the wine seminars and also tastings, consult the schedule here.

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However, the biggest occasion by much is the Master Chefs Classic, in which vital West’s optimal chefs complete to produce the ideal appetizers, entrees, and desserts for those in attendance. Space is limited, and the event is popular, for this reason if you’re interested, make certain to reserve your space as quickly as possible. If you’re in search of something much more intimate, there’s the festival’s Winemaker Dinner Series. In this series, winemakers and also sommeliers pair your wines v meals particularly crafted key to produce exquisite meals and one-of-a-kind experiences.

That said, even if it is you’re a foodie or if you simply really choose to eat, the an essential West Food & wine Festival is just one of the many delicious ways to spend your holidays in vital West. Make certain to pack your flip-flops – they’re required!