Every year a couple of UDFAs do the Chicago Bears’ 53-man roster, for this reason we’ll take it a look at the height 10 most most likely to perform so. This time, we’re take a look at former LSU standout Kevin Toliver.

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Kevin Toliver fell from a five-star recruit to one undrafted complimentary agent. Have the right to he bounce earlier and do the Bears’ 53-man roster? picture by Dylan Buell/Getty images
kurt Warner. James Harrison. Prick “Night Train” Lane. Antonio Gates.

Over the years, there have actually been number of undrafted free agents who have left indelible clues on the video game of football. Despite not being viewed as worthy sufficient of an NFL Draft selection, this players have actually overcome the odds and have unable to do on to end up being successful NFL players.

Over the past few weeks, I have looked in ~ 10 the the undrafted free agents the the Chicago Bears signed this offseason to shot and identify who stands the finest chance of do it come the 53-man roster. We’ve made it to the last player ~ above the list - the No. 1 undrafted complimentary agent - and also that player is LSU alumnus Kevin Toliver.


Toliver gone into LSU as among the best high college prospects in the nation. He cursed to the many tigers after his sophomore year in 2012, and also managed come stand out for the remainder of his high institution career. The five-star recruitment finished his freshman year in college v 35 tackles, one interception and five pass deflections. Toliver suffered from lot of injuries in 2016 which resulted in him to just play in six games. He finished up his collegiate career in 2017 through 27 tackles, one sack, one interception, ten overcome deflected and a required fumble. He choose to skip his an elderly season and declared because that the 2018 NFL breeze in early on January.

Skill set

There room multiple cut-ups of Toliver online, consisting of this one native his outing against Florida critical season. One can likewise look for cut-ups of teammate Donte Jackson and also find Toliver on the field, together well.

The an initial thing the stands out about Toliver is his size. In ~ six-foot-two and 192 pounds, that is long, well-proportioned and also has a pro-ready frame. His an extensive frame and also long arms come in handy when breaking increase passes, as he can often reach for passes that most wide receivers can’t grab. He’s a very great athlete because that his size, together he has good straight-line speed, closeup of the door speed and hip fluidity. Toliver is also a solid tackler that takes an excellent angles come the round carrier. He’s the form of player whom Bears protective coordinator Vic Fangio and defensive backs coach Ed Donatell have the right to mold into a contributor.

A the majority of Toliver’s concern marks come indigenous an off-the-field standpoint. Throughout his tenure at LSU, he endured a rotator cuff injury and also a knee injury which affected his play as a freshman and also caused the to miss roughly half of his sophomore year. He also was rely in 2016 for missing team meetings, and also his NFL breeze profile says that previous coaches have actually said that his attitude and drive come succeed space both a problem. ~ above the field, his ball an abilities aren’t really impressive, he can"t burned blocks well, and he lacks quickness coming out his breaks, which can lead come receivers producing separation.

Chances of making the 53-man roster

It really is a testament to exactly how much the Bears have actually improved end the years that arguably their finest undrafted totally free agent encounters an uphill fight to make it onto the 53-man roster.

Toliver is a talented prospect who has all of the physical tools to be a very good player in ~ the following level. He no a finished product simply yet, and he has a lot of work to perform to prove the he can become the player that many believed he could be when he come out that high school. Players favor Marcus Cooper and Sherrick McManis will certainly be hard obstacles because that Toliver come overcome, and fellow undrafted rookies Michael Joseph and Rashard Fant will surely offer him a fight, as well. That said, though, Toliver has the highest ceiling the the bunch, so there is a solid possibility that he could end up sneaking ~ above the 53-man roster come September.

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Jacob Infante is a Chicago bears writer in ~ SB nation’s Windy City Gridiron. The is also an NFL draft writer in ~ USA this particular day SMG’s draft Wire. He have the right to be reached through Twitter
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