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"Whenever I speak to You "Friend"" is a tune written through Kenny Loggins and also Melissa Manchester, i m sorry Loggins taped for his 1978 album Nightwatch. Issued together a single, "Whenever I call You "Friend"" reached #5 in the autumn of 1978. "Whenever I contact You "Friend"" is a duet v Stevie Nicks, who, though attributed on the album track, is not credited on the single, make "Whenever I call You "Friend"," in effect, Loggins"s first major solo hit. Melissa Manchester would say of her one-off songwriting cooperation with Kenny Loggins: "It come out the the oddity of the times - he and also I preserved running into each other at televised compensation shows, i beg your pardon were reasonably new. .. Us were typically paired increase to present awards together. We would meet and also chat in the eco-friendly Room, and also finally he asked if we might get together and also write something. He concerned my residence one night and we sleek off that song."Manchester would document her very own version the the tune for her 1979 self-titled album in a duet version with Arnold McCuller: Charles Donovan that AllMusic said Manchester"s variation was a "far much more supple, elegant song" 보다 the Loggins-Nicks duet. In 2012 Manchester, commenting top top the absence of her variation of "Whenever I contact You Friend" from her retrospective release Playlist: The really Best that Melissa Manchester, stated: "The factor that it"s not is since I don"t feel that I have a satisfactory variation of the song... Kenny and I have actually not to be able to schedule time to record it together, though we would certainly both choose to. We almost got together however our schedules simply would not enable it. However the universe is walk to create a far better time for united state to execute that."more »

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Written by Kenny Loggins and also M. Manchester. (KL)Whenever I contact you friendI begin to think ns understandAnything we areYou and I have always been ever and also ever(KL/SN)I see myself within your eyesAnd that"s every I need to display me whyEverything i do, constantly takes me residence to youEver and ever(KL)Now I know my life has offered me moreThan memories work by day...we can see(SN)In every minute there"s a factor to bring on(Chorus) (KL/SN)Sweet love showin" us a heavenly lightI"ve never ever seen together a beautiful sightSweet love flowin" nearly every nightI know forever we"ll it is in doin" itSweet love showin" us a heavenly lightI"ve never ever seen together a beautiful sightSweet love flowin" nearly every nightI know forever we"ll be doin" that right(SN)Whenever I contact you friendI think I"ve pertained to understandEverywhere we space you and I were intended to beForever and ever(KL)I think around the times to comeKnowin" I will certainly be the happy oneEver our love will certainly lastI always want to contact you friend(Chorus) sax solo(SN)Now I recognize my life has offered me moreThan memories...(KL)day through day...we deserve to see(SN)In every moment there"s a reason to lug on(Chorus)Sweet love...sweet love yeahSweet love...sweet love yeah

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Kenny Loggins Kenneth Clark "Kenny" Loggins (born January 7, 1948) is an American singer and songwriter. He is known for soft rock music beginning during the 1970s, and also later for writing and also performing for movie soundtracks in the 1980s.

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Initially a component of the duo Loggins and Messina, he came to be a solo artist and has written songs for various other artists. Much more »