The Hollywood Reporter"s newest contributing editor penned a measured but firm critique that the Oscar contender"s treatment of race, jazz, and also romance.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar started his brand-new job with a bang. The Hollywood Reporter announced yesterday that itnabbed the NBA legend and culture critic as a contributing editor, and also Abdul-Jabbar come out swinging witha measure up butfirm stance on race in “La La Land” inhis an initial editorial.

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Writingthat he found Damien Chazelle’s musical “bold, daring and also deserving” that its success, Abdul-Jabbar adds,“The better a work-related of art is, the much more we must dissect it… We’re assessing itsproper place in our cultural canon.” he goes on to say that while the is Chazelle’s prerogative to write as plenty of or as couple of black personalities as that wants, the gyeongju make-up that the movie is fair video game when much of itrevolves around jazz, “a uniquely African-American music form.”

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A jazz aficionado, Abdul-Jabbar notes the he ishappy anytime the arts formgets display time, together it does with the personality of jazz pianist, Sebastian (Ryan Gosling). “But I’m also disturbed to see the one significant black character, Keith (John Legend), portrayed as the music sellout who, together Sebastian watch it, has actually corrupted jazz into a diluted popular music pablum,” write Abdul-Jabbar. He elaborates:

“The white male wants to maintain the black color roots of jazz when the black man is the sellout?… It’s no that a black guy can’t it is in the sellout or the medicine dealer, it’s simply that they shouldn’t it is in if they’re the only significant black character in the story. Whether it’s intentional or unintentional, that sends out a bigoted article rippling through our society.”

While Slate and also Vulture have both criticizedthe film’s knowledge of jazz, only Refinery29 and MTV News have covered the problems of Sebastian’s “white jazzsavior” complex.

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Through Abdul-Jabbar at the helm, The Hollywood Reportergets right into the business of calling out social appropriation. Slam dunk.

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