clock Kamaru Usman vs. Colby Covington 2 full fight video highlights from their main occasion clash at UFC 268, courtesy of UFC and also other outlets.

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UFC 268: Usman vs. Covington 2 took ar Nov. 6 at Madison Square Garden in brand-new York. UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman (20-1) locked horns with Colby Covington (16-3) in a rematch in UFC 268’s key event. The hit aired live top top ESPN+ pay-per-view.

Catch the video highlights below.

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For more on Usman vs. Covington 2, check out the live blog through MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew.

Round 1: Usman comes out in orthodox and Covington in southpaw. Prompt low absent attempt from Covington early. That misses and Usman handle in to organize the center of the cage. Early on jab from Usman lands. It is his go to weapon.

Covington getting backed increase early and looking for large swings. He also is transforming stances. Wild swings from Covington miss out on by a mile and Usman looking extremely composed.

Covington it s okay deep ~ above a nude single-leg shot and also drives through but Usman grabs a chest wrap and also rolls through it to end up in sprawl. Covington backs out and they return to the feet yet now Usman knows the wrestling is coming.

Covington swinging left hands as soon as Usman procedures in v the jab and he’s landing it a couple times. Usman really taking his time and working behind the jab. Covington still convert stances, probably with the will to soil calf kicks come the command leg. Usman lands a decent appropriate hand in a clash and also he clearly has the strength advantage.

Covington charges in and Usman ducks under, grabs the hips and gets basic takedown. Covington rolls to turtle and immediately stand though and we’re ago to range.

Usman pressuring well and also Covington definitely an ext wild yet it’s landing him some shots. Usman has actually yet to find the timing thus far but when the does, Covington could be screwed law this. A clash the bodies pipeline Covington through a cut under one eye, couldn’t watch what landed. This is so written from Usman.

MMA Fighting scores the ring 10-9 Usman.

Round 2: starting to know Usman’s confidence. Competitive round but Usman has to feel completely safe in there. He has actually a large power advantage and frankly, Covington is feather a small wary.

Covington laugh in over there to start this ring though yet he’s eating some shots once they are acquiring in nearby together. An ext importantly, this is a very slow pace. Covington relies on speed to win and also right now he’s excellent nothing to tires Usman.

A clinch initiated indigenous Covington yet it’s Usman that lands some an excellent body shots there and Covington is on the earlier foot. He is throwing yet he look at cowed already. Usman completely confident. He has no fear. Target practice.

Usman isn’t landing disastrous shots here however he’s repeatedly popping the jab and he’s landing part decent shots on top of the while Covington has actually done an extremely little. Covington barges in and gets a clinch, placing Usman’s ago on the fence but Usman has actually layers the defense here and he’s making Covington pay for this attempt. Usman pressures a break.

Now Usman is opened up with kicks, probably due to the fact that he doesn’t also really have to concern himself with the wrestling either. Usman soil a large combo the gets Covington extending up. Covington looks shook in there. Entirely various than that has ever looked.

Covington steps in and a left hook native Usman floors him! Covington is bad hurt but he’s up and moving and gets jawed again! Usman in search of the finish yet Covington shoots and he’s may be to organize onto a leg until the horn!

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-8 Usman, 20-17 Usman overall.

Round 3: Respect to Covington as he looks to have actually cleared the cobwebs to start the 3rd but he is in dire straits here. He has offered nothing substantive to the champion and also it’s not like he has a puncher’s opportunity to turn the tide. Unless Covington have the right to start acquiring takedowns, this is just a matter of time because that the champion to gain the finish.

Usman being very patient to begin the round and working behind the jab. Soooo disciplined. That’s his greatest strength. Covington lands good combo actually, his best of the fight but Usman bring away it there is no issue.

Covington is walking to need to be comfortable acquiring hit come have any type of chance in this fight and he clearly is anything yet that. He is in full retreat, high guard, and ago foot. Usman is waiting for the to charge in where he have the right to then clock him. Covington obliges him through that yet tries for a takedown. The stuffed and Usman it s okay front headlock and also hammers part shots in. Once they stand, Covington is now showing part real damage on his face.

Covington is beginning to try and push much more of a pace here but it’s gaining him dinged up for his efforts. Still, maybe his finest round therefore far and also he’s backing Usman up currently at least. One exchange native the two gets Covington come land a good shot yet he simply cannot ache Usman. No power. And also that is not a difficulty for Usman at all.

Short time and Covington lands a big combo, including one shot that looked choose it got Usman’s attention. He keeps on him and ducks under because that a takedown the he secures yet Usman stands instantly.

MMA Fighting scores the ring 10-9 Covington

Round 4: Honestly, scoring that last round because that Covington was more than likely a pity round yet it to be his best effort by far, throwing caution to the wind acquired him real offense and also Usman was contents to take it his time.

The booth notifies us the Covington is not being attributed with a takedown which is nonsense as Daniel Cormier explains. Meanwhile, a huge exchange is walking on in the center of the cage through Covington beginning to really sling shots, throw in bunches i m sorry is gaining him an excellent results.

Usman shooting off solitary shots top top the outside and this is Covington’s path earlier into the bout. Big combo from Covington it s okay Usman backing up! as soon as Covington throw 4-5-6 punch combos, he’s landing and also Usman isn’t finding the counters right now. He is sniping v that jab though.

Covington comes in again for an exchange and also he’s trying to dirty this up however eats a big shot because that his trouble. Now this is the fight we were hope for. Usman, tho sharp through the jab though. Respond to left hook from Usman it s okay Covington backing up. Probably Covington requirements to go for an elbow therefore he can hurt him.

Covington floor a an excellent kick to the body that drops Usman’s hands! Usman in retreat because that a moment and Covington chasing him. These two beginning to exchange and also I think the human body kicks native Covington have made a huge difference here! Covington in ~ above a takedown however Usman is so good at avoiding this. Covington with the clinch and trying to do Usman work-related as the round closes. Usman floor a kind shot ~ above the break however Covington wobbles Usman at the buzzer!

MMA Fighting scores the ring 10-9 Covington, 38-37 as whole Usman overall.

Round 5: It’s an extremely possible, perhaps also likely, that Covington needs a end up here yet we’ve gained it. That so that Covington can get a draw with a success in this round.

Slow start to the 4th but begins heating up after a minute with Usman starting to touch Covington up with the jab. Covington throwing every little thing he has actually on his punches though and this is starting to give Usman issues. His’ snap Usman’s head back with uppercuts multiple times.

Covington shoot a takedown attempt but fails again. Usman v the jab, Covington v combinations. Covington demands to offer out here and also Usman demands to continue this type of rangy kickboxing.

Covington’s confront is pouring blood yet he’s actually doing way much better at slipping the huge shots that Usman now. Usman slips turn off an exchange and Covington rushes him, do the efforts to gain a takedown. He can’t however he’s acquired Usman versus the fence and also Covington is chipping away.

Usman is finally able to separate and ew’ve acquired a minute left. Might be anybody’s round and also Covington ferris wheel wildly, through Usman quiet popping the jab and also using his footwork. Big right hand stings Covington and the challenger is in retreat. Together Covington steps in, a finger find his eye and also the referee pauses the action. Covington takes part time and also Miragliotta bring the medical professional in to check him out. Lock resume through 40 seconds left.

Kicks native Covington and he needs to carry out something come have any chance. Instead he eats a head kick from the champion. Exchange with quick time and also then the 2 exchange part words in the center and also it shows up that Covington offers him some respect. Squashing beef.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Usman, 48-46 Usman overall.

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Official Decision: Kamaru Usman defeats Colby Covington by unanimous decision (48-47, 48-7, 49-46) to maintain the UFC welterweight championship.