Awww this scene is all levels that adorable. I loved as soon as they would fight - that taking benefit of his elevation ahaha. Very same thing happened when he obtained her notebook and also she fell on height of him and also the method he enraged her about being "happy" in the "position" LMAO!!!!!!!! She completely freaked out. Ahaha
Oh and I will discuss that interview later on lol. I remember reading stuff in the at that ns hadn"t also noticed lol.

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Originally posted by shindesweety


even their cheek-kiss set the screen on fire

That cheek kiss to be so good, among the finest cheek kisses parth provided lol. His cheek kisses were always so gentle and also halke lool banda ka actual forte to be in challenge to confront ones ahahahahahahahahahaha.
noor friend dont provide episode 32 summary in your style PaNi me itna baha gai the you forgot around episode.
I"ve been definition to carry out that illustration lol, in truth I"ve sat under multiple times and also once component of summary got turned off lol with my own stupid mistake and then other times I gained distracted by the convo here and also other stuff. LOL. Yet I arrangement to perform it tonight.
Originally posted by roseash

Idk favor 4 or 5 days back wen karan had actually visited parth in Pune he had posted a pic of that on parth"s bed and also der to be a environment-friendly colour girls hoodie and also a handbag lying on d bed nxt to him...and today niti had actually d same green hoodie and bag v her on file fame thing...I don"t know just how to post a pic here...if some1 speak me how to den ns will short article d pic...don"t recognize wats going on btwn kj,niti nd parth...I began laughing seeing dat on
Thanks for sharing I experienced the bag pics.. Didn"t find the hoodieNoor.. Yes exactly. Ditto to all that. And about doing the intimate scenes" choreography themselves- she discussed it in one of her twitter chat sessions
i didn"t an alert the little on the critical GIF earlier. Cute one is he saying the dialogue in the last one? lol at way he turn his head towards her there is no making eye contact(his normal style) and the understanding smile she gave.
Must it is in At the very least the first half that it.. Then he is just randomly telling them miscellaneous probably about the step or rehearsalsThe stack avi u asked for - i doubt there is one. Yet will send it to you if i find.
Originally post by priyachand2008

Interesting conversation on PaNi!!!! many of new things i am comes to know!!! say thanks to you girls!
i did read abt Niti"s typo regarding "right pa(r)th" in she status! however i didnt understand cvs provided that in their display too!!! they also were trolling MaNan!!! ns went earlier to watch d step though i have seen that "n" number of times, i didnt affix it (iam negative at it!!)
And thanx come d web links u ppl gave, i ultimately saw renowned "jawline" intv. KJ sure was teasing n niti blushing! Parth was very much there though he was physically absent! the pics post in last web page (fusion concert cheek kiss) again reiterated that guy"s epos jawline! that has wonderful jawline!!!
i didnt acquire the bf gf fight u mentioned. I did understand there was some recording wherein he had said somehting poor abt her. However i didnt desire to review or listen to any news on that becos, i didnt desire to stop lking Manik! i didn t want offscreen drama affecting mine onscreen liking. And i actually felt poor for that that part one close to him must have recorded together stuff. Whom will he to trust if your own friends wd execute that? however i dont recognize the complete story. So space you ppl saying it was no that bad?
Basically Niti was every happy n chirpy throughout S1. But the moment he left.. She turned every cranky And around the recording.. Listen to it with an open mind. It"s no that bad. Also, the audio is edited badly.. So a couple of things ain"t clear. However the guy was upset n frustrated that she wasn"t providing him bhaav once he returned.Sweety, wo gifs abhi nai write-up karna tha. We"re yet to with those epis n would"ve got to there soonish.Edited by shibz - 5 year ago
Originally posted by roseash

Idk like 4 or 5 days ago wen karan had actually visited parth in Pune he had posted a pic of the on parth"s bed and also der to be a eco-friendly colour girl hoodie and also a handbag lie on d bed nxt come him...and this particular day niti had d same eco-friendly hoodie and also bag v her on file fame thing...I don"t know how to write-up a pic here...if some1 speak me exactly how to den i will short article d pic...don"t know wats walk on btwn kj,niti nd parth...I began laughing seeing documents on
Hahaha seriously? i follow Karan ~ above SC so ns remember seeing the pic the them 2 on the bed however don"t mental seeing any kind of bag or hoodie. Yet I happened to come across a screenshot ~ above insta that joined with each other the hoodie and also bag top top the bed with the pic that Ni put on a eco-friendly hoodie.
Honestly ns wouldn"t think much of it, ns would usually in any comparable situation call this a coincidence however this happens far too frequently with castle to it is in even referred to as that - a better description would these two have comparable taste and also thinking formats some of the moment LMAO.
Originally post by ac2000

PaNi us fuel shippers
. Couple of days back one posted around his stash that chocolates and also the other then posted around ordering virtual for her favourite candy,also post a pic later of she eating them. And also I think that Ni to be saying "wow mat bolna" in the 3rd gif. Only a work or two earlier they had actually telecasted your cheat kiss at Soha"s farmhouse and also Manik had actually said "Wow" afterwards.
bold, I experienced the edit by your fans lol. Hilarious I have to say, the small things fans acquire excited top top - however it is funny exactly how their write-ups are so damn comparable at times.

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