So i have actually recently brought just cause 3 ~ above the Xbox one and when i began to play though the game more and more i experienced that any kind of time i would carry out ANYTHING in the video game it would sluggish to under 15 FPS this concern is still not solved to this day and is therefore frustrating and also for someone who has played just cause 2 for over 200 hrs i had to stop under 10 and uninstall the game due to the fact that it was not play able. Super disappointing because i was so hyped to get it and also feels prefer a waste of £20. Great the developers invest time because that optimization rather than the stupid DLCs and other rubbish they want you come buy.

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PC too. The a known issue throughout all platforms. Ns usually simply play with slightly dumbed under graphics.

And this is why you must read the evaluate of something prior to you buy. This game had chronic issues at launch that the devs just never fixed. Framrate issues included. It's a garbage of money unfortunately.

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such a waste. Gameplay wise among my all time favorite video clip games throughout any platform. So lot fun... Until you start on regular basis dropping to 15 fps or lower because you go out up much more than two points at a time in a game literally designed to blow shit up. Put it down and also picked it up almost a year later hoping that it was patched... Put it down 10 minute later because it in which method actually acquired worse. Uninstalled and also never reinstalled it. Ns kinda wanna get it ~ above PC just to try but i only have actually a gtx 1060 and i doubt itll handle

I had purchased it on release and noticed the issue. I endured through it and once perfect I decided I had actually no want to play v again. Realizing during the feather sale that all of the dlc was on sale i picked the up thinking that if they added all of this shit performance had actually to of been fixed, it absolutely hadn't. What upsets me is castle will invest all this time on dlc due to the fact that they have the right to make a buck off of it yet no time in optimizing the game due to the fact that they can't fee you for it. Poorly optimized and also overated game if you ask me. I'll go ago to Just cause 2, much better quality.

You think possibly MS is in reality fucking increase capabilities of your older hardware with updates favor Apple?


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