Joy Behar grabbing Robin Williams through the crotch in ~ a charitable comedy occasion led come many people raising questions about sexual harassment by her to the late comedian. A 2006 photograph is certainly real in the it reflects Behar and also Williams laughing alongside fellow comedians Billy Crystal and also Whoopi Goldberg. In the image, Behar deserve to be checked out grabbing at Williams’ crotch.Social media users began sharing and debating the feasible hypocrisy behind photo showing Behar poignant Williams by his crotch in public. The picture showed Behar, Williams, Goldberg and also Crystal on the red carpet at the 2006 Comic Relief, which together a comedy present put on because that charitable causes. Behar has actually her hand ~ above Williams’ groin in the photography, i beg your pardon raised inquiries on social media.Behar, who along with Goldberg is a co-host the the abc talk show “The View.” social media users took problem with the image since Behar has actually been vocal in her criticism of chairman Donald Trump and allegations versus him of sexual misconduct by multiple women. One such meme circulating online argued that Behar is being hypocritical in her position around Trump in light of the photograph.

The over image of the four comedian is undoubtedly real, according to Snopes. With regards to that image, the two comedians debated the snapshot when Behar interviewed Williams ~ above the HLN network, as viewed in this video (seen below), which to be posted come the official HLN YouTube web page in 2011:In that exchange, Behar speak Williams:I take it a picture with friend one time the if that got out, look at this picture… i forgot that i did that, ns molested you in ~ Comic Relief.Williams responded:That’s why i’m here.Here are some examples of people sharing the image and their opinions on society media.Same occurrence from a various angle, through Whoopie Cushion standing right there. Joy Behar shows up to sexually attack Robin Williams.— mark Dice (

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MarkDice) December 4, 2017With every this talk about Sexual Misconduct and people gift fired from lengthy time employment…why is that OK for happiness Behar to execute this come Robin Williams IN PUBLIC, top top CAMERA and not it is in fired native the View?? I uncover this completely offensive and just another form of for free biased junk!— Elizabeth Warynick (
FrancisFaustina) December 11, 2017LIB LOSER FOULMOUTH pleasure BEHAR, A very VOCAL PREZ trump card CRITIC, got ROBIN WILLIAMS CROTCH! SHE must KEEP she MOUTH SHUT around SEXUAL HARASSMENT! as soon as BEHAR did standup comedy, choose lib loser Franken, she to be an venomous zero!— G. Pyle 🇺🇸#MAGA (
JoyVBehar J Behar sexually assaulting Robin Williams. The doesn’t watch comfortable & unfortunately can’t #metoo clock how quick she & her moronic fans deserve to excuse her own habits while condemning Trump’s comments. Ns guess if you’re a comedian, they permit U grab castle by the dXXk?— D-Brief (
TheDuffieReport) December 15, 2017Snopes noted that a photographer indigenous the Getty images wire business captured a comparable image indigenous the very same event, which can be checked out by clicking and scrolling through pictures here. If Williams committed suicide in 2014, before that catastrophic event, there to be no record of him having actually filed a complaint through regards to Behar’s crotch grabbing. Williams was well-known for his wild comedic antics.Currently, Trump has actually been accused by much more than a dozen ladies of sex-related misconduct and also assault, consisting of women and girls who stated he walked right into dressing rooms once they to be nude throughout beauty pageants that ran and a contestant ~ above his NBC reality display “The Apprentice” who accused him of kissing and also groping her in a hotel room without she consent.What did girlfriend think that the photograph showing Behar grabbing Williams’ crotch? carry out you think her position around Trump is hypocritical? permit us recognize in the comment section.Photo Credit: Twitter
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