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By Matt Fowler
This is a evaluation for Tuesday's very first episode of Parks and also Rec, "The Johnny Karate super Awesome musical Explosion Show." To check out the testimonial for the 2nd episode, "Two Funerals," head over here.

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Wow. What a freakin' hilarious episode. One the felt, at times, like a cross in between a Tim & Eric lay out on Adult Swim and something that can pop increase on the Blu-ray for Parks' final season together a bonus. There was a story, though slight, entailing April feeling guilty over taking Andy away from his Johnny Karate show, yet we never ever left the taping of the last episode itself. Because that a display that, unbeknownst to us, had pertained to incorporate Ron Ben, Leslie, Donna, and Perd (!) as recurring characters.Goofball Andy has actually never had a tried and also true course end the series. From being Ann's slacker boyfriend, to wooing April, to functioning for Leslie, to functioning for Ben, come wanting to be a cop, Andy's journey, choose the man-child himself, was hyperactive and also fidgety. Constantly funny, yet only yes, really ever identified by anything except being April's husband. And also that's usually what the sweet article was here. He's letting her take the reins in their relationship and, favor a faithful dog, he'll follow she to the end of the Earth. And also he's so damned sort that there's not a single part of him the mourns the ns of his show. That's amazing.

Likewise, the fact hat April cried over the fact that she was acquisition Andy far from the one thing that he'd created himself - the one thing that linked everything he love - to be equally outstanding. So also though this episode got delightfully weird, together if we invested 22 minutes within Andy's brain, this to be the perfect goodbye because that the character. No that he's noodles or that the staying three illustration won't have something else in save for him, but this last season has actually been about setup suns. Leslie and also April's new jobs. Ben's (assumed) brand-new job. Donna's marriage. Tom and Lucy (though the hasn't showed up in three episodes). Even Garry acquired his bye (of sorts) last week when he lost his ring under the courtyard grate.
Now...let's speak Johnny Karate!You know, regardless of the truth that Andy think the Lincoln Memorial is a statue that a large monster supposed to represent all of America's enemies, and also that the word phenomenon means "to explore a cave," this display - the actual layout of the show - was type of great. Ns mean, I just assumed that it to be a madhouse from start to finish, however the entirety "Build Something/Learn Something/Karate Chop something (Mailman Barry)/Try miscellaneous New" frame was actually solid kids' TV planning. The course, Andy want to lick the cherry wood, assumed Professor Smartbrain was boring, and also trident-gaming.netored Barry's heartfelt letter, however the skeleton of the present were strong.And the local commercials? Amazing. Coiny the wolf at the Wamapoke Casino? The "Put that In your Mouth Or You're A Nerd" Paunch Burger advertisement that was every incredible.And what a perfect means to lug Burt Tyrannosaurus Macklin complete circle. Andy had turned Burt right into a part of the show. Favor an continuous "Threat Level Midnight" movie. Where Macklin can shout things right into the phone prefer "I don't provide a crap, Batman, you work-related for me!" and also "Just drainpipe the ocean!" A great capper because that Macklin. Oh, and also a nice little close out for computer mouse Rat too, who got to have their own dreary Rockumentary available on the show's website. At very first I thought, being the this all takes place a few years from now, we were going to uncover out that mouse Rat had somehow struck it big, yet this was much better.John Cena stopped by the show as well to pat the culprit that stole Johnny's $900 million disagreement guitar, reasoning he to be doing a favor for an actual child. Cena's breaking into Hollywood's comedy clique in ~ the moment, what v his supporting role in Apatow's upcoming Trainwreck and also another in Amy Poehler and Tina Fey's Sisters. The guy can actually have a heavy post-wrestling job doing comedy movies. Which is funny as soon as you consider both his size and also the reality that his challenging guy action movies to be flops.Oh, man. There were so countless excellent odds and also ends:Chris Pratt's fellow Guardians of the Galaxy alum Peter Serafinowicz returned as lord Edgar, and also Ben whispered "winter is coming" while he was faux-knighted.Ben also checked his hands and also body after ~ the stood up, as if he could have suspect superpowers of some sortApril's animal Corner regularly leads come the segment "Loose animal in the Studio."Andy mouthing Donna's lines when she says them.The adorable Professor Smartbrain fan in the audience.April Ludgate-Karate-DwyerDonna to sing "Kung Fu Fighting" attach by fight it out Silver.
This to be an unexpectedly relocating "out of the box" illustration that to be unlike any other Parks episode before it. A occupational that perfectly encapsulated the goofy insanity of Andy while additionally showcasing miscellaneous truly one-of-a-kind that that made on his own that had the ability to pull with each other all the points he loved and valued. Consisting of his friends, that we found out were actual recurring personalities on the show.

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