John Amico is a celebrity stylist and award-winning cosmetology institution owner currently training college student in hair design, skin care, makeup, nails and barbering.

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Over 50 years of Passion and also Commitment

John Amico has invested a lifetime in creating fashion, education and also trends. That hasreceivedmany awards native the beauty industry, including, "The spirit of Life" from the Cityof Hope.He to be on the board of Directors because that the international Franchise combination becauseof hissalon business accomplishments.

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Students space The Stars

John Amico to produce a huge Beauty display each year, whereby the students exhibition thebeautifullooks they have created. The layout is the “History that Hair”, The college student presenttheir workto a marketed out, grand Ballroom complete of professionals, graduates, family andfriends.

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State of the Art virtual Education and HI-Tech Tools

In enhancement to the hands-on education and learning that the students get in school, they alsohave24/7 online access to your curriculum and also more! We have the finest online educationwithportals the are durable with videos.

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Annual education Cruise

Starting in 1983, we have had an annual cruise wherein we have actually state-of-the-arteducation andcareer plan on the high seas.

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Career Placement

Our career services team and also student mobile app making finding her dream career somucheasier. Once students start their an initial job, john Amico awards them a freemembership toaccess exclusive man Amico products, as well as a gift that a $250 repertoire of JAproducts.

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Salon Ownership, business & Marketing Training

John Amico is an symbol in the beauty industry. Opening and also operating over 425 salonsthroughout the unified States and Asia! he personally conducts a weekly "Business ofBeauty"course because that the entire student body.

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Education and State plank Reviewing

Our state-of-the-art electronic programs additionally include mock trial and error for every one of thecourses,including chapter testing. This help students to feel comfortable understanding thatthere is aneducator behind them, coaching them every the method to the boards. This is consisted of intheeducational tuition.

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Seasoned experienced Educators

John Amico"s team of educators have plenty of years that know-how. Castle have operated withthousandsof students and their suffer time arrays from 50 years under to our youngesteducatorswith four years in the industry. Progressed education is man Amico"s trademark. Alleducatorsare required to participate in progressed education.

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John Amico Makes assets Used in thousands of Salons

Being a civilization acclaimed hairstylist, John decided to begin formulating his products50 yearsago. Today, over there is end 500 commodities in the john Amico line. From organic haircolor toKeratin formulations.

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Sharing and also Caring Fund

Our students and facility participate in community programs raising money because that thosein need.From donations the haircutting to money raisers, our college prides chin on gettinginvolved.

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Certification in many locations of Cosmetology including a variety of Licenses

John Amico offers certification in locations such as: Hair Coloring, Keratin, ChemicalStraightening Treatments, Extensions and Hair Additions, Hair Cutting, Men"sStyling/Barbering, nail Care, and Skin care (including Make-Up Designory (MUD)ProfessionalMake-Up Certifications).

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Alumni Community... Girlfriend are constantly Family

Our Alumni has actually monthly education programs available to them complimentary of charge, calledPersonalAchievement cultivate (PAT). This permits them to obtain free CEU hrs so they neverlosetheir license.

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Flexible Schedule

We sell day & night classes. We also havenew classes starting every month.

Upcoming start Dates

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