In enhancement to Salads’ piss-drinking past, civilization online were quick to repeat him of the moment he wore a swastika to a trumped rally together a “prank.” In 2016, he also admitted come staging a video in which a automobile covered in pro-Trump sticker labels was struck by a group of young black color men. “You may have actually seen top top the internet and also through the polls, that a lot of Black human being don’t favor Trump. Lock don’t also like his supporters in some cases,” Salads claimed in the clip illustrating the stunt. “As you can see from this video, the Black ar is really violent towards Trump and also his supporters.”

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Later, after he was uncovered, he claimed he “edited the video to do it look choose something else happened that was no true.” 


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It should come together no surprise, then, the he was also a Republican candidate for Congress. His number one concern was lowering the minimum wage, every this 2019 interview v The day-to-day Beast, regardless of the truth that congressmen don’t have actually the strength to carry out that. That suspended his project in so late 2019 and specialized himself come polluting the replies of anyone that uttered the surname “Trump.”