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This story has a repetitive premise in the manga genre: going into a fantasy world and reincarnated as a different character with some kind of aptitude/knack. The story started in a methodical prelude of the main character's self, albeit being a little abrupt with the whole "why, or how he died and got reincarnated in the first place", it still did summarize a little background of his past life; which is the generic isekai life, being a shut-in for years. Up until the story now(19 chapters), there are a few flaws that can be subjective of whether being acute or not, but maybe my preference is peculiar because I don't mind, for example, tiny plot holes and common supporter character personalities throughout the story. Okay, now over this preliminary, let's start the actual review: Story: 7I've aggregated my beliefs of what is mediocre. As I see it, this show started strong and had the potential of being better, but that wasn't auspicious for the author to write about. If you ask me, I would've liked to see the growth of the MC, and not some huge time skip into the future, for the idea of having conscience and precociousness as a kid growing up is, in my opinion, pretty nice and humorous to see, as well as the relationships he might've accumulated throughout his childhood could've been seen. So overall a 7, the slightly higher than mediocre. Art: 7Nothing to say much here, just art that is coherent and decipherable. Nothing too much, and nothing too little. Character: 8Now, this is the majority of my focus on this review. You've seen a bunch of MC by now, and they're mostly either timid, doing things tentatively, or aloof, intelligent, and condescending. However, the MC from this story is a combination of both factors, just with a little bit of savagery. The MC is just lovable and overall, wants the best for his family while being charitable and solicitous time from time. However, when it comes to people who would disrupt his plans of being a shut-in during his times in this fantasy world or hurt people important to him(Mostly family) he would be ruthless and slaughter without mercy. Even though his personality can be cruel at times, he still cares about what his little sister sees, so he would refrain from blood in front of her, and he doesn't bravado with his powers deliberately in front of others. Just overall, an MC that is not totally guileless, or being too disingenuous. Enjoyment:7My enjoyment is a 7(Average in my own terms). This story is easily anticipated and the flow of things isn't too fast, nor too slow, which is rather nice. Overall: My overall is a 7This story being average with a laden of trepidation on the future, and how the story will turn out due to its ongoing status. What I can say though is to not expect a lot from it since it's starting premise is quite common and repetitive.