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I love the Jimmy Buffett song “Growing Older but Not Up.” i was more than likely still a kid when I very first heard it. While i didn’t gain the lyrics about “metabolic rates” back then, ns still wholeheartedly authorized of the as whole message.

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Why prevent enjoying life just due to the fact that you’ve age a bit?

Dan and also I room basically two little kids who happen to be responsible v money and also healthcare.

I quiet remember giggling together the job after ours wedding as we peaceful in our hotel suite’s huge bathtub. Totally submerged in bubbles, eating jellybeans and also drinking sparkling wine, us crowed in ~ our ability to silly our family members (and the government) that us were mature sufficient to acquire married.

That was nearly five years ago.

Since then, we’ve excellent adulted a bit. We relocated from Ohio come Georgia. Us bought a house.

But we’re tho basically two oversized kids. Simply ask Moose or Gabby, the globe-trotting stuffed pets who accompany Dan and also me whenever us travel.

During the last five years, we’ve had seven Disney vacations across the globe.

Our favorite hobby is Pokémon GO.

I favor to dry on the couch through either a big pink unicorn or a little pink flamingo.

Dan and also I eat bacon cheeseburgers through tater tots at least twice a month–but hey, we’re adults, for this reason we chef our own at home!

We still crack up in ~ a great fart joke.

We try to out-burp every other.

As much as us love playing through our nephews, we additionally love playing v all their toys as soon as they nap.

Dan still occasionally plays v toy race cars, except now that can also play with real race cars.

He keeps his office workdesk stocked with basic Mac, Pop-Tarts, and also sugary cereal.

I may have offered up Pop-Tarts, however I tho consume copious quantities of dried cereal, consumed only native pink kiddie grain bowls. Dan loves come groan about living with a toddler whenever the vacuums up grain crumbs in the living room.

I act life choose a never-ending video game of dress-up, which describes my arsenal of pink coats and sparkly hair accessories.

The wonderful mystery of adulthood is the liberty to define it for yourself.


Dan and I pick to be grown-ups in the ways that in reality matter. Us both work difficult to live a life we love. We’re smart through money, yet that doesn’t prevent us native spending money top top entertainment! While our culinary tastes aren’t sophisticated, they fit our present priorities, consisting of my depression.

Adulthood doesn’t need to look like bran flakes, or endless serious conversations, or strictly bedtimes.

You can’t select everything the happens in life, but you can select how girlfriend respond to it. You can choose who will certainly be by her side together you journey through life.

Dan and also I pick joy. We select laughter. We select each other.

Poop jokes and also all.

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