about Do it Again (Put Ya hand Up)

"Do that Again (Put Ya hand Up)" is the lead solitary from rapper Jay-Z"s fourth album Vol. 3... Life and Times of S. Carter. The song attributes production through Rockwilder, including guest vocals by Amil and also Beanie Sigel.

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Roc-a-fellaY"all understand what this isWe givin" y"all five seconds to put your drink downAnd report come the run floor immediatelyAll the bustas us givin y"all 5 seconds to obtain close come a exitIt"s around to acquire real ugly in hereFive seconds is up, let"s go!Throw the hand up (uh, uh, uh)Throw the hands up (niggas)Throw the hands up (bitches)Throw the hands up (bustas)Throw the hands up (hustlers)Throw the hands up (hoes)Throw the hands up (boasters)Throw the hands up (Mac)You know just how Mac come v on the society tipEverybody actual deep on that thug shitCop Cris" spray the club on the thug shitCop frisks suits snub in the society quickTold y"all genuine high, when I come you have the right to tryIf friend want, you have the right to die, if you want toWe hittin" whores ~ above the floor, whole crew it is in wildBitch, ago that ass up prefer Juvenile (huh)When mine peeps involved spend, a dime apieceYou recognize Mac come v with a heat of freaksEvery bitch top top the hit be a 9 at leastWe gettin" head on the floor, while you grindin" freaksWhole squad acquire it down prefer thisWhole formation buyin" ring of Cris"Whole squad acquired they crowns ~ above wristWhole squad obtained a lb of twistWhole squad gained a lb to spit, in instance a clown wanna flipMac never slip in the clubTold y"all niggas four-fifth in the clubIf a nigga wanna attract then the blood it have the right to drip in the clubYou know exactly how niggas get in the clubShit you know exactly how I be, all high in V-I-PRolling approximately B-I-GNiggas be all liquored up, talkin" shit"Til they guy gotta come and also pick "em upGot bitches in the earlier bouncin" come "Jigga What"You got your hands up and I ain"t also stick y"all upThrow the hands up(Everybody get it up) litter the hand up12 to be on the way to the club (uh)1 to be DJ made it erupt (uh-huh)2 AM now I"m gettin" with her (what up?)3 AM now I"m splittin" with her (splittin" v who?)4 to be at the Waffle residence (Waffle House)5 AM currently we at my home (uh)6 AM ns be diggin" her out (who?)6:15 i be kickin" her out (what?)7 am I"ma contact my friends (uh-huh)12AM we gon" perform it yet again gon", us gon", we gon" execute it again, let"s goYo, exactly how the f*ck you gon" talk around MC"s on our heel?When we just cop them points homie the chromey wheelsBoth arms space chunky the sleeves top top chillAny offered times a hundreds G"s in her grillDon"t speak to me "bout MC"s gained skills"He"s alright, but he"s not real"Jay-Z"s that deal, through seeds in a fieldNever fear for war, hug, squeeze that steelF*ck, you acquired a flow, that"s cool through meYou obtained a little dough, that cool with meYou got a small cars, tiny jewelriesBut no one of y"all motherfuckers could fool with meYou understand the wrist frostbit minus 2 degrees"Bout as blue as the sea the way I maneuver the VHat cocked can"t check out his eyes, who could it be?With that new blue Yankee on, who yet me?Niggas shipped two million, climate I go out the threeThen i skated the four, "fore i went on tourI came earlier and it"s plain, y"all niggas ain"t rappin" the sameF*ck the flow, y"all jackin" ours slangI viewed the exact same shit take place to KaneThree cuts in her eyebrows tryin" to wild outThe game is ours, we"ll never ever foul outY"all just better hope we gracefully bow outThrow yo" hands up, niggas, bitches, bustasHustlers, f*ck the (throw the hands up)Come on12 am on the method to the society (uh huh)1 am bout to shake the target (uh)2 AM now I"m checkin" the mix (ah yeah)3 AM now he buyin" me drinks (what you drinkin" on?)4 AM exit the society (let"s go)5 to be think the gettin" some butt (that"s right)6 am nigga tho ain"t bust (what?)6:15 nigga will obtain up (uh)7 am gotta tell my friends (uh-huh)12 to be I"ma perform it again, uh, uhI"ma execute it again12 am I"ma do it againUh-huh, uh, uh, let"s go12 to be on the means to the club1 am DJ made it a rub2 AM currently I"m gettin" with her3 AM now I"m splittin" v her4 am at the waffle house5 AM currently we at my house6 AM i be diggin" she out6:15 i be kickin" her out7 to be I"ma contact my friends12 AM we gon" do it yet again gon", us gon", us gon" do it againLet"s go

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Jay-Z Shawn Corey Carter (born December 4, 1969), better known by his stage name Jay-Z, is one American rapper, record producer, entrepreneur, and occasional actor. He is among the many financially successful hip hop artists and also entrepreneurs in America. In 2012, Forbes approximated Carter"s net worth at practically $500 million. He has actually sold about 50 million albums worldwide, if receiving fourteen Grammy Awards because that his musical work, and numerous additional nominations. That is repeatedly ranked as one of the biggest rappers that all-time.

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He to be ranked #1 by MTV in their perform of The biggest MCs that All-Time in 2006. Two of his albums, Reasonable Doubt (1996) and also The Blueprint (2001) are taken into consideration landmarks in the genre v both the them gift ranked in rolling S… much more »