Girl, that in 1997, damaged a human being record for having actually with the longest surname in the world (Photo: Screenshot native OWN)

In 1997, Oprah featured a young girl, Jamie, on she talk present who hosted the Guinness World record for having actually the longest personal name.

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You may be thinking Jamie has actually only five letters and is a pretty average name. But, in fact, that is the girl’s nickname — simple substitute for her unbelievably long and unpronounceable name with an ext than 1,000 letters. Jamie’s birth surname is so lengthy that it measures two feet long on her dedicated birth certificate.

When introducing Jamie and also her mother, Cassandra, ~ above “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in 1997, they had actually to develop a one-of-a-kind graphic come display the young girl’s surname on the screen.

Oprah request the mother the inquiry on everyone’s mind: “What were you thinking?”

The mommy responded, ” I had actually to do something to rest a Guinness book record. I had to make certain that her name was walk to be unique. Ns didn’t desire her surname to be prefer anyone else’s.”

Oprah climate asked what specifically her surname was and how it was pronounced. The young girl take it a breath and also said she 1,000-plus-letter name without hesitation.

Oprah’s jaw dropped, and the young lady proceeded come say her extremely long middle name and also finished with her critical name: Williams.

You may be questioning why this relevant today. Well, 3 days ago, very own posted the video from the 1997 transfer on YouTube, and also the internet went crazy. The YouTube video clip has 722,00 views, 19,000 likes, and also 4,000 comments.

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One commenter, Diedrie Gibbs, wrote: “This can’t it is in real. The woman need a slap upside the earlier of her head. Wth type of an idiotic thing to do. Why didn’t the mother readjust her surname to this sideshow name? It’s simply names strung together. Smdh. (sic)”
Eliza Schuyler Hamilton remarked, “Ask the mom if she deserve to say her own daughter’s name.”
Michaela Castalaña posted, “I love just how her last surname is just “Williams.”

Watch the video below.

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