For those in the know, “Watch out Deh Now” is much more than a heed to action, the the trademark catcall for funnyman J. Anthony Brown. As a forerunner to today’s warm Black comedy scene, and also one the the foremost majesties of the comedy, J. Anthony Brown is lastly receiving the accolades he so justly deserves. A clip on the country syndicated Tom Joyner Morning present for end fifteen year now, he is among the voices that wake up numerous radio listeners in end 105 markets. J. Anthony Brown is a titanic comedic force! His sidesplitting antics and sensibilities have collection a precedent that countless now follow. Even if it is he is murdering the hits with his off an essential version the the latest song, or donning a pink pimp suit to evoke a laugh, Brown will gain to your funny bone. His penchant because that alligator shoes and also rainbow colored suits convey his “party time” technique for fun. “A the majority of comics just do standup. Yet stand increase is just one of the numerous facets of comedy. In mine act, ns ride the spectrum the funny. Ok sing, combine skits and also vignettes, perform costume changes, and also still tell you a joke,” expose Brown. BET known the strength of his comedic drive and also therefore had him host two consecutive periods of their height rated network show, “Comic View.” Revamped together “Club Comic View,” the display has to be the network’s number one display for over 12 years. As testimony to the comedian’s draw power, his season had actually some the the comedy world’s greatest names grace the stage. Yet it was Brown’s role as pop on the WB Network’s prefer Family, starring Holly Robinson Pete, which at first garnered the funny guy his widest tendency audience. That coupled v the hilarious “Champs” & “Burger King” television commercials, he to be catapulted to the head of America’s viewing plate. The southern Carolina native started his job by possibility in 1972 after ~ after relocating to Atlanta. The was originally pursuing a career as a clothing designer when $316 brief of tuition money, he visited a local club and also entered a gong display contest. The one time tailor to be asked back to the venue, and later changed it right into a city warm spot as word that his herbal wit travel quickly. Brown later on left Atlanta for Hollywood, landing a job as head employee writer because that the Arsenio hall Show. An market staple since, his superior list the credits encompass hosting two consecutive periods of Comic View, performances on Def Jam, the Showtime at the Apollo and also Evening at the Improv. Creating credits encompass Tom Joyner TV Show, Steve Harvey’s huge Time, Me and also The Boys, The parental ‘Hood and the Arsenio hall Show. Movie credits encompass Tripple X -State the the Union, Mr. 3000, Drumline & exactly how to be a Player. Television credits incorporate Tom Joyner TV display on ABC, Tom Joyner Sky show on TV-One, Dlife-Diabetes Talk present on CNBC, EVE, Steve Harvey’s big Time, favor Family, The Parkers, Livin’ Single, The parental ‘Hood, Martin, Moesha, The Hugley’s, Sparks, and even Oprah. An innovative businessman and also comedian, Brown has actually his own line of products that lug his name, including his own clothing line, “The J. Anthony Brown Collection,” honey and also hot sauces, CD’s, and comedy videos. A an innovative artist and talented visionary, the comedian’s artwork has been featured follow me side Annie Lee in an art exhibit in Washington, DC in November 2005. In addition, Brown is a spokesperson because that diabetes, a an illness he manages personally. In 2005-2006 that was among the co-host that Dlife, a diabetes talk present promoting healthy living through diabetes. It’s a wonder Brown has actually the energy to laugh at a joke, much less tell one. With a day-to-day routine that starts at 2:00 a.m. And also continues non-stop, J. Anthony Brown is one of the industry’s hardest functioning comedians. He has actually helped come pave the method for today’s sexy talent and continues together a trailblazer v his comedic contributions. “Watch out Deh Now” – J. Anthony Brown is one funny man!

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J. Anthony Brown’s Murdered Hit: ‘Give It increase On Christmas Day’

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J. Anthony Brown’s Murdered Hit: ‘Eat whatever You Like’

J. Anthony Brown’s Murdered Hit: Vote

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J. Anthony Brown’s Murdered Hit: ‘Summer School’

J. Anthony Brown’s Murdered Hit: ‘Mr. Hardrock’