The people is constantly changing in ways that have the right to both assist or harm your business. Industry and market demand changes, governments change. New competitors, technologies, and business models arise that have the right to threaten her organization’s profitability, or present opportunities for growth. And that’s simply from the outside. Any number of issues inner to your organization can readjust which influence how the future will look contrasted to the past.

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Great thinkers and leaders understand that the best means to store yourself top top the pathway come success is by having actually a plan. A arrangement that construct on success, anticipates future challenges and also opportunities. A arrangement that is structured enough to keep your moving forward, and also flexible enough that you deserve to adapt when the unforeseen arises.

Here are some of our favourite estimates on the value of planning ahead.

“A male who go not setup long front will find trouble in ~ his door.” Confucius

Perhaps the earliest quote around planning originates from Confucius. The old Chinese philosopher warned about the risks of short-term, short-sighted thinking. By concentrating too lot on the present and also not enough on the future, establishments can and will be caught by surprise as soon as trouble arises, making the affect even worse.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

These first two quotes follow a comparable line that thinking: if you don’t have a plan, fail is a issue of when, not if. Being unprepared deserve to turn methods into threats and make minor difficulties into major issues. A hurried, poorly thought reaction to risk can produce a cycle of reactionary solutions, each developing their own brand-new problems.

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“Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining as soon as Noah developed the Ark.” Richard Cushing

Good planning permits an company to determine weaknesses, leverage strengths, and anticipate threats and opportunities prior to they develop. With foresight, organizations can prepare because that the best way to resolve the details troubles that arise, cruising through challenges while competitors flounder.

“It is not the strongest of the types that survive, no the many intelligent, however the ones most responsive come change.” Leon Megginson


“You can’t drive forward if looking in the rearview mirror.” multiple Attributions

In the past, that was possible for businesses to grow and thrive by simply doing an ext of what castle had always done. In the 21st century, disruptive technologies and also ways the delivering service are relocating quickly and surpassing an ext long-established options. Organizations that succeed will be the ones that look come the horizon, and innovate internally to adapt. As soon as you view your organization in 20 years, perform you desire to be Cannon or Kodak? apologize or Motorola?