The Vamps own every item of our hearts and live in our top rent-free. We’ve been stanning them for so lengthy now we’re not even sure what life was favor pre-vamps, and we don’t want to.

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Image Source: Tenor

The tape keeps hitting us full throttle through every brand-new release. This time, it’s a track that many would describe as god-like, need to say that us whole-heartedly agree v them (psst, that was us!) ‘Better’ is officially our new 2020 anthem as we impatiently wait because that the new Year and to put an finish to this dreadful year. This tune instantly lifted our mood and also has got us like:

Image Source: Tenor

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Of the single Bradley will Simpson, that is The Vamps lead singer, says:

Better is a song collection in the context of a relationship, about not stable for much less than you feeling you deserve. Falling out of love but not forget the factor you dropped into it and working difficult to get earlier there. It has a wider meaning though, the main lyric being “I won’t settle for less than best” is a mantra that have the right to be used to anyone in ~ any suggest in your life, whether it is in a relationship or whether it’s fulfilling your an individual potential, friend should always be striving come be and also do the finest you can.


Along with the relax of the single, the band dropped a mesmerizing music video! The video is perfectly basic but still keeps our attention attracted to every element of it. The rhythmic and invigorating, 80s layout dance win paired with the hypnotizing vocals consume our whole being (mind, body, and also soul,) and also we find ourselves happy dancing and singing along. Examine out the video clip below, and also let the music take it you into a whole brand-new world!

Now that you have watched the video, it’s time you step into the civilization of stanning! among our favorite parts of having new music from ours faves is gaining to see exactly how the pan react! The decision is in the Vamily, are LIVING for this one!

Song Reactions

the vamps releasing much better be like: #DidThingsGetBetter