It’s not my initially time but babygirl it ain’t my last

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Chris Brvery own - Let Me Take You Dvery own to "Let Me Take You Down" by Chris Brvery own. Here we are, all alone in this room And girl, I understand wright here to start and what were gonna carry out I"ll take my time, we"ll be all night, girl So get prepared, babe, I gained plans for me and you
The Temptations - Too Busy Thinking About My Baby ...I Ain"t got time to discuss the weather, Or how lengthy its gonna last (ah ah ah ah) And I ain"t obtained time to carry out no researching, Once I get out of course (ah ah ah ah) And Im just a fella, With a one, a one track mind And once it involves thinking about, anypoint however my baby, I just dont have time! (Too Busy Thinking around my baby) O Yeah, Aint acquired ...
T-Pain - Girlfrifinish trident-gaming.netMe and also my girl need a When I initially met her had actually the vision Come fulfill my girl she models panties for a living (VS) The three of us can make of movie, your decision (Your decision) I"m throwing fifty bands tonight, a couple of tuitions like I told her bring a frifinish for my friend T-Pain But not the one from last time "reason she keeps playing
Ja Rule - Put It On Me trident-gaming.netSo baby girl put it on me. Since we met it"s been you and I A tear for a tear, baby eye for an eye And you know that my heart gone cry If you leave me lonely Cuz you not simply my love you my homie Who"s gonna consingle me, my love I"m outta regulate organize me, my love Causage I"m yours And I don"t wanna perform nothin to hurt my baby girl (ooooohh)
Christina Aguilera - Like I Do trident-gaming.netI might not want however simply might need to display you Sexactly how you What I execute And you can"t do it quite favor I perform. This feeling is legendary Welpertained to my sanctuary Eincredibly time choose the first time But, baby, girls prefer me ain"t momentary Can"t fake it when it comes this herbal I ain"t ever before tried, it"s just herbal, ha. I do not require your little bit money
Chris Brown - Take You Dvery own to "Take You Down" by Chris Brown: Here we are all alone in this room (oh), And girl i know wright here to begin and what we gonna perform (yeah), I"ll take my time we"ll be all night girl, So acquire prepared babe I gained plans for me and you, It ain"t my first time but babygirl we deserve to pretfinish,
Tory Lanez - The Take trident-gaming.netIt ain"t my first time, but baby girl, let"s get it in yeah Bump and grind, currently know I wanna take you dvery own again, yeah Hit that rewind switch, ohh Let me take you dvery own, really wanna take you dvery own, you dvery own, you down Take you dvery own best currently You recognize I know how, oh whooaa Oooh yeah I promise not to provide it to ...
Fabolous - Last Time trident-gaming.netSorry baby girl I tried the ideal I can But if I can’t be in the roads I guess heaven’s just as great This is the last time I know I"m around to drive you crazy Last time but I gotta view my baby I understand I swore that I"d never before break your heart no even more (try to walk) But I just can’t leave room girl She save calling me calling me
Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard - Square Up ...This ain"t my initially fucking time here Fuck it I tell "em I can"t do it But I"m lyin" I tell "em I can not execute it But I"m simply not fuckin" tryin" Nobody told me that The end was the finish Tell that to yourself and also Tell it to a friend And if that frifinish Is a fucking frifinish then"ll slap you in the confront And tell you to obtain your fucking mind straight
Plies - Shawty (girl Version) trident-gaming.netEver Because I Ran Up In Shawty She Ain"t Been The Same. Even Though I"m Not Your Man, You Not My Girl Ima Call You My Shawty Causage I Can"t Stand also To See You Treated Bad I Beat His Ass For My Shawty And We Aint Did Nothin That We Ain"t Supposed To Do Causage You My Shawty Babygirl You Kcurrently I Be Home, Keep Me On The Ringtone Shawty Sing It To Me Girl
MK1 - Be My Baby trident-gaming.netand also I don"t want the pain the strain the shame aobtain its not the same My life"s so s*** without ya, its s*** without ya Is you is or is you ain"t my baby, tell me perform you require me, Tell me do you like me, tell me perform you desire to host me boo, Tell me do you wanna be my baby too Or am i simply a dreamer, real huge believer before, yeah i don"t wanna leave ya
Russ - Waste My Time to "Waste My Time" by Russ. Yuh, do not waste my time Yuh, do not waste my Yuh, don"t waste my Yeah ... 15 Huge Stars Who Were Backup Singers First; Don"t waste my time I ain"t acquired shit to say, I acquired people for that Don"t waste my time
Bad Company - Gone, Gone, Gone trident-gaming.netIt ain"t the first time baby Baby it wont be the last I"d better obtain the boys round And do some drinkin quick Cause she"s gone gone gone AI dont understand if I"m happy I do not know if I"m sad She"s gone gone gone I dont understand if I"ll cry I dont recognize if I"ll die laughin It ain"t the first time baby Baby it wont be the last I"d much better acquire the boys round ...
Trey Songz - Last Time trident-gaming.nethost up baby girl do not talk, simply listen. Let"s just make love, girl for the last time. Yup, I said the last time, Girl this is the last time, all caught up. And it"s time to put it dvery own. You really acquired me trippin" organize up baby girl just listen, this is the last time. See the trouble is I"m as well deep affiliated to be playin through your ...
Rose Royce - I"m Going Dvery own trident-gaming.netTime on my hands given that you"ve been away boy I ain"t acquired no plans No, no, no, no. And the sound of the rain, versus my windowpain. Is progressively, progressively driving me insane. Boy, I"m going down I"m going down "Causage you aint around, baby. My totality world"s turning upside down Sleep do not come simple. Boy, please believe me.
Webbie - Shawty trident-gaming.netEven Though I"m Not Your Man, You Not My Girl Imma Call You My Shawty Causage I Can"t Stand also To See You Treated Bad I Beat His Ass For My Shawty And We Ain"t Did Nothin That We Ain"t Supposed To Do Causage You My Shawty Babygirl You Kcurrently I Be Home, Keep Me On The Ringtone Shawty Sing It To Me Girl So What"s Happenin Wit You Kinfolk
Fall Out Boy - Me And You (I"m Like A Lawyer) to "Me And You (I"m choose a Lawyer)" by Fall Out Boy. Last year"s wishes Are this year"s apologies Eextremely last time I come home I take my last opportunity To burn a bridge or two
Ashley McBryde - Break It Rapid trident-gaming.netI hate to say it yet its tough to disagree Cause you"ll just organize me lengthy sufficient to leave a note on me Won"t you leave me baby let me watch you walk ameans Cause believe me baby it might be what its gonna to take I"m not the initially and also I"ve obtained a feeling I ain"t the last So I need you to break my heart, aw baby break it fast Oh...
Gary Allan - It Ain"t The Whiskey to "It Ain"t The Whiskey" by Gary Allan. I stood tbelow in the middle of the church of the brkoen civilization Watchin" to the walking wounded tell their stories My rotate came I told em" my name I shelp this aint my first time And then a male began talking just how the adversary and the bottle was damaging my life With last night on my breath
Justin Bieber - Baby trident-gaming.netAnd I just can"t believe we ain"t together And I wanna play it cool, but I"m losin" you I"ll buy you anything, I"ll buy you any type of ring And I"m in pieces, baby resolve me And simply shake me "til you wake me from this bad dream I"m going down, down, down, down And I just can not believe my initially love won"t be about And I"m prefer Baby, baby, baby oooh
Trey Songz - Last Time to "Last Time" by Trey Songz. "Songbook baby, I like to give thanks to Mr. Bryan Michael Cox for helping me show my feelings. It"s just gettin" also hot baby, it"s gettin" as well warm."
T-Pain - I"m Sprung 3-mix to "I"m Sprung 3-mix" by T-Pain. I"m sprung, how"d she acquire me acquired me doing points i"d never carry out, if you ain"t been i"m informing you (you execute, you carry out, you perform, you perform, you do)(perform x8) It"s somepoint bout you that"s obtained me doing points I sassist I never before execute. And I deserve to say i"m amazed, the means you put it on me, exactly how you acquired me chasing you. And I deserve to careless, I do not offer a damn, "cause view you my ...
Colt Ford - Cold Beer trident-gaming.netColt Ford "Cold Beer": ... Been functioning all day, bout ready to play. I done called all my boys and they on their way. And we ain"t goin residence til the sunlight come up, and also if I"m too drunk to drive I"ll just sleep in my truck Won"t be the initially time, sure not the last. got my eye on that blonde via the heart shaped ass
Chris Brvery own - Party trident-gaming.netBaby girl, you ain"t leavin" It"s my birthday with a cake Lick it all, let me eat it Pulled up on your bitch Tell your man I"m sorry (sor-sorry) Hunnit on my wrist Jumpin" out the "rari (jumping jumping out) Ooh, she hit the splits She recognize exactly how to party When I"m through my clique We recognize just how to party How to party, yeah, we recognize just how to party
Billy Currington - Off My Rocker trident-gaming.netWell we know it ain"t the first time We recognize it offered to be my past time And a couple times back we agreed That was gonna be my last time But I guess last night I plum forgained Who"s runnin" this present and also who"s not Oh I must"ve been off of my rocker I must"ve got some wires crossed To come in hear claimin" that from below on out I"m gonna be the boss
Ludacris - Cross My Mind trident-gaming.netI love it when you cross my mind, my mind, my mind I think around you all the time, all the moment, all the moment Girl I cant acquire my mind off youoowhooo I cant gain my mind off you youowhoo I cant obtain my mind off youowhoo Girl its you no one yet you Causage You"re my baby girl. Ludacris My baby girl and also I promise for you I"ll do whatever
Rodney Crowell - It Ain"t Over Yet to "It Ain"t Over Yet" by Rodney Crowell. It"s favor I"m sitting at a bus speak waiting for a train Exactly exactly how I acquired right here is hard to explain My heart"s in the right place, what"s left of it I guess My heart ain"t the problem, it"s my mind that"s a complete mess With these rickety old legs and watery eyes
The Dells - The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind) to "The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind)" by The Dells. Lately baby, i"ve been thinkin" just how excellent it was when you were here and also it ain"t the wine that i" ve been drinkin" for once i feel my head is spinning But early this mornin", once i opened my eyes,
Chris Brvery own - My Girl Like Them Girls"My Girl Like Them Girls" (feat. J Valentine) Let me start off by saying ... She don"t mind flirting and playing At leastern that"s what she say Got off in the spot And I"m tripping She knows baby girl"s first name Could it be something I"m lacking Or am I simply component of the game ... Last Time Together All Off Life Itself Sex Love Anvarious other You Boing ...
Bob Dylan - It Ain"t Me Babe trident-gaming.netGo amethod from my home window Leave at your very own chosen rate I"m not the one you want, babe I"m not the one you need. You say you"re lookin" for someone Who"s never weak, yet always strong To protect you and protect you Whether you are ideal or wrong. Someone to open each and also eincredibly door But it ain"t me, babe No, no, no, it ain"t me, babe
The Weeknd - Kiss Land trident-gaming.netYou deserve to satisfy me in the room wright here the kisses ain"t free You gotta pay with your body Not really right into kisses leading right into nopoint ... Last week was my unstable week, I"m still drippin" dvery own from my nose ... still drippin" dvery own from my nose And I don"t know exactly how to drive, I make my driver obtain high But If he goes under that once, believe my driver ...
Sammie - I"m Him trident-gaming.netIm"ma carry out every little thing that ya man ain"t do Yeaah Babygirl i"m him Babygirl I"m Babygirl i"m him Yeaah Babygirl i"m him Babygirl i"m him Babygirl I"m Babygirl i"m him. Baby ill carry out what he wouldn"t carry out Better yet carry out what he couldn"t carry out I"ll be him you be her We"ll be bullet proof If you run out of bulallows i"ll shoot for you If they shoot at my baby ...
Gary Allan - It Ain"t The Whisessential trident-gaming.netIt ain"t the whiskey. It ain"t the cigarettes. It ain"t the stuff I smoke. It"s all these points I can"t foracquire. It ain"t the hard times. It ain"t the all nights. It ain"t that basic, "Cause it ain"t the whisessential that"s killin" me. I"ve done whatever to drown this hurt inside, But I can"t wash you off of my mind. It ain"t the whiscrucial.

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T.I. - That"s All She Wrote trident-gaming.netBut if you gon" tell me that the A&W ain"t the spot for the best hot dogs You have the right to gain the F on dawg. And on my throne I remain, all alone in my lane I"m as strong as the King, they were gone "fore they came Now I do not wanna hang, I slap five via them rap men They just wanna sabotage my hustle shawty that"s why. Now I don"t really care what ...
NLE Choppa - Forever trident-gaming.netSometimes I get up in my feelings I"m prefer "Damn, carry out she love me?" Fine on the exterior, inside I think she ugly Baby girl I take my time, I ain"t doin" no rushin" I put my tongue on your neck, on your cheek you be blushy. They say forever ain"t forever before, oh-oh But I know it"s gonna last "reason I discovered my treasure

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