The album titled song comes with no surprise. Politics charged tune starts off with Trump delusional exchange with CNN and ends through a conclusion of human being dystopic… read More 

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So, together an example, you CNN. I mean it’s story, after story, ~ story is bad. Ns won. I won. And the other thing, chaos. Yes zero chaos. We space running. This is a fine-tuned mach-The goose has gotten fatOn caviar in an elaborate barsAnd subprime loansAnd damaged homesIs this the life, the divine grail?It’s not enough that us succeedWe still need others come failFear, fear drives the mills of modern-day manFear keeps us all in lineFear of all those foreignersFear that all their crimesIs this the life us really want? (Want, want, want, want)It surely must be soFor this is a democracy and what we all say goesAnd every time a student is operation over by a tankAnd every time a pirate’s dog is compelled to walk the plankEvery time a Russian bride is advertised for saleAnd every time a reporter is left to rot in jailEvery time a young girl’s life is casually spentAnd every time a nincompoop becomes the presidentEvery time someone dies getting to for your keysAnd every time that Greenland drops in the fucking sea is because

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All the us, the blacks and also whitesChicanos, Asians, every type of ethnic groupEven folks from Guadeloupe, the old, the youngToothless hags, at sight models, actors, fags, bleeding heartsFootball stars, guys in bars, washerwomen, tailors, tartsGrandmas, grandpas, uncles, auntsFriends, relations, homeless trampsClerics, truckers, clean ladiesAnts – perhaps not antsWhy not ants?Well since its trueThe ants nothing have enough IQ to differentiate betweenThe pain that other civilization feelAnd well, for instance, cut leavesOr crawling throughout windowsills searching for open treacle tinsSo, like the ants, room we just dumb?Is that why us don’t feeling or see?Or are we all simply numbed the end on reality TV?So, every time the curtain fallsEvery time the curtain drops on some forgotten lifeIt is due to the fact that we every stood by, silent and indifferentIt's normal