Welding helmets market high levels of eye protection once welding, especially versus retinal damage caused by excellent arc light, but if girlfriend look at the sunlight without any kind of eye protection, that can cause damage.

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Yes, you deserve to use a welding helmet come look in ~ the sun or a solar eclipse. NASA recommends a shade spectrum of 12 or above to safely stare at the sun without harmful UV irradiate penetrating through. Welder helmets additionally have auto-shade adjustment, which alters the shade as the light becomes as well intense.

What have the right to Looking in ~ the Sun do To her Eyes?

Remember, together a kid, as soon as you were told that staring in ~ the sun provides you blind, well, the is true, yet there room stages your eyes go through prior to complete blindness. The sun includes 3 varieties of light:

Visible Light: A kind of electromagnetic radiation the creates wavelength of irradiate visible come the naked eye. Clearly shows light also produces heat, i beg your pardon the planet absorbs and also re-radiates.Infrared Light: A kind of radiant energy, invisible come the person eye. You can still feel the warmth from infrared light, and it account for around 50 percent of the heat took in by the earth.Ultraviolet Light: The many dangerous kind of irradiate because, while it is invisible come the human eye, you can still feeling it. It ages the cells in the body and also burns. Too many UV rays reason the cornea cell to dry, crack and also blister, similar to a sunburn. The a problem called photokeratitis.

There space 2 types of UV rays, namely, UVA and also UVB. UVA rays have a longer wavelength and cause skin damage and aging. UVB rays have actually a much shorter wavelength and cause burn of the skin.

Staring in ~ the sunlight for an extensive periods can lead to permanent damage. Macular degeneration deserve to occur, and cataracts, yet in most cases, it outcomes in temporary discomfort without any type of lasting effects. It feels a bit like you’ve been rubbing her eyes a lot, resulting in mild pain.

We don’t recommend experimentation this theory, especially throughout a solar eclipse. Over there are instances of solar retinopathy occurring after 30 minutes. This is thanks to the barrage of chemicals the the eye releases when the retina becomes overstimulated.

Sunglasses just mildly ease the effects, but again, after lengthy periods, the damages still occurs. If you have actually prescription glasses, the results could be also worse due to the fact that the rays room magnified.

Also, sunglasses only defend your eyes directly and not from the sides. Sunlight can still penetrate behind the glasses and also cause damage.

Can friend Look in ~ the sunlight With a Welding Helmet?

The simple answer is yes, noted the helmet has actually the crucial protection. No all welding helmets are the same, and it is not a level play field.

How effective your eyes room shielded indigenous the sun’s rays relies on exactly how well the helmet blocks out harmful UV rays.

How execute Welding Helmets defend Your Eyes?

There room several ways that a welding helmet uses eye protection.

Welding Helmet Lens Shade

Look for a welding helmet v a shade factor of 12. This do not do it be an overwhelming given that most welding helmets have a shade factor of 13. This is a NASA referral if you want to continue to be safe. The higher the the shade factor, the better the protection you obtain from the sun’s harmful rays.

Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Auto shading helmets are also a great choice because they react through the changing light. Boost the sensitivity filter and also decrease the hold-up for the finest reactive shift to a greater shade level.

That’s what is therefore appealing around auto-darkening helmets, girlfriend can change them to cater to her needs, and once you have actually the right setting, the helmet does whatever automatically.

Welding Helmet Options

There is a huge selection that welding helmets available to protect your eyes from dangerous light. The old saying the you get what girlfriend pay because that is together true this day as it ever was. Right here is a selection of welding helmets that us recommend.

Lincoln electrical K3034-4 Viking


This welding helmet comes through a viewing home window of 3.66 x 1.69 inches, and also it has a shade selection of 9 come 13. The darkness level alters instantly many thanks to a probe the detects transforms in the irradiate in 1/25,000th the a second.

It has actually battery power and solar power, and also a sensitivity mediate and delay setting, to aid your eyes readjust when the light transforms rapidly.

Is making use of Solar Eclipse Glasses Safer?

You might look a small odd stand in the group in a full welder’s helmet once everyone else has actually solar glasses. Solar glasses space a little like 3D cinema glasses, and they have actually a the shade rating the 12 or higher. They differ from sunglasses because ordinary glasses let thousands of shards of light permeate your eyes compared to solar glasses.

Please be mindful that solar glasses room unregulated, and there are many unscrupulous sellers out there who market these fakes together the actual deal. If you space unsure or think they might be fake, nothing buy them. They market zero defense for her eyes.

Blinded by the Light

Bruce Springsteen may have been blinded by the light, but you must be completely safe with the appropriate protection. Even if it is you invest in solar glasses or a welders helmet, make certain you protect your eyes from brilliant irradiate that might leave girlfriend with long-term damage.

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Solar glare is everywhere. ~ above the water, the beam reflect, bring about harm. Eye can cause blindness if the UV light ray reflect on your face. You don’t have to look directly into the sunlight to suffer the ill-effects.