when Sam Dawson (Sean Penn), a grown man with the mental capacity the a seven-year-old, witnesses the bear of his baby daughter, that can”t believe his eyes. The mistake that made of having taken in a homeless woman and getting she pregnant had resulted in the many beautiful thing in his life, Lucy Diamond Dawson (Dakota Fanning) called after the Beatles” song. “I am Sam,” command by Jessie Nelson, paint, etc an pass out line between one”s mental ability and the capacity to progressive a child. At the exact same time, the touchingly discover the unlimited love the someone have the right to have because that another, and also how it is love, and only love, the really method anything to someone else, especially one”s child. Fanning”s debut as Sam”s daughter strongly hints at future success, as she is exceptionally adorable and really talented.

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through such a painfully daunting issue being explored, comic relief is not just helpful, but likewise necessary. Although the story is about Sam”s efforts to gain Lucy ago when she is taken away at the period of seven, the resulting pain and also frustration is well balanced by together moments as once Sam”s friends (each of whom are likewise mentally handicapped in some way) come over for movie night, and one gets to see how every one of the men interact with every other, i m sorry is frequently hilarious. Also, Sam”s task at the local Starbucks, along with his devotion to the Beatles, aid give his character part personality quirks which help in making him interesting.

Penn definitely nails this challenging role, and also his run-in with Rita Harrison (Michelle Pfeifer), his new lawyer who finally decides to take his situation pro bono just to prove to her colleagues that she”s not as cold and also insensitive together they might think, results in a wonderful breakthrough of Sam”s decision to get Lucy back. Few of the best scenes indicate Rita and also Sam in the courtroom, and Pfeifer appears perfect because that this function playing the preoccupied and also eccentric lawyer that eventually starts to find out some valuable lessons herself. Among the best scenes is composed of Rita in reality expressing her fears v Sam, instead of the other method around, which shows how she demands him just as much as he needs her.

The only difficulty in “I to be Sam” is the doubt over the reality of that all. You may want to understand if the movie is based upon a true story it seems fairly likely. Since it is not, however, some situations seem an extremely unrealistic, and they raise a lot of doubt. An initial of all, can a holy spirit handicapped man also be permitted to raise a child, especially when the was based upon an accident? The concern seems harsh, however it seems that today”s legal device would have actually stepped in sooner to check out the issue.

Also, it seems there room a couple of slight inconsistencies in Sam”s behavior. His minimal capabilities room obvious, however there space times once these capacities room contradicted by an obvious advance in his abilities. For example, that is no able to read the native “definitely” once he is analysis with his daughter, yet he is able to remember a speech verbatim, which that attempts to use on the witness stand. This inconsistencies result from the effort to do his scenes more poignant, but at the very same time, lock raise confusion over just just how likely his possibilities are that regaining custody the Lucy.

Nevertheless, “I am Sam” efficiently transcends some of this doubt through bringing increase an even larger and more complex issue. Just how much deserve to love overshadow all of these worldly involves such as the law and also the government”s intervention? The ending of “I am Sam” reminds us that the issue is not just over that will raise Lucy the is over the inquiry of that will realize that all you require is love.

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