In the anime, i hear characters refer come Grell as male and female. I think Grell is a girl, however I dunno.

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its canon the grell is a trans* female. She was born a he yet wants to be female and also is a female. That CANON IN THE MANGA look at : link

Actually if you think of it, Grell is just a perverted male. If girlfriend listen and also watch season 1&2, it's obvious Grell is a gay Sebastian lover. Yet I can't reference him, Sebastian is quite fetching.


She"s a mrs in a man"s body, i guess you can say. She"s transgendered, for this reason while she"s one sex physically, she"s one more gender mentally- personally, i think what she thinks mentally is more important and more real. Ns really wish civilization can recognize this though, people act together if transgendered human being aren"t actual or space diseased..
I ask this not to it is in difficult, yet honestly curious. How do friend know? ns like many don't know that much about the transgendered, however unlike most I wish to understand.
^Ha, i m really sorry I'm responding 2 month later. The creator that the manga declared that Grell was transgendered. And also that's fine, for some it's something complicated to grasp, and also that's fine as lengthy as there's acceptance. The means Grell's sex is disputed on sometimes simply vexes me, because it's gift transgendered is something really real, and also other transgendered world are additionally described as just 'thinking' they're another gender, or the they 'want to.' your genitals and physical anatomy can't specify who you are mentally, it's no black and also white. ..At least, that's simply my input. XD
not every women have actually breasts ???? castle are well-known as trans* females. Very same with guys . Part boys have boobs since they room trans* males
No Oliver. Biologically, women have actually breasts and men execute not. It's natural. Anything rather is false.
Grell is absolutely a young who has fallen in love v Sebastian.ever because then,he"s been considering himself as a girl and has been acting like a girl.

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Grell has always been a mrs in a man's body, sebastian just aid get more in the womanly spirit
the quantity of transphobia in the answers come this question makes me very upsetgrell is a girl and is additionally the queen the my love shes great and need to not be called with the not correct pronouns prefer a lot of of people here space doing and also that provides me exceptionally disappointed in the black color butler fandom. She is a girl. She body does not make she a boy. She mind, that she to trust she is, and also her dream of acquiring a sex change, renders her 100% female.
Ok, here Is mine Opinion top top Grell. If You refer to Grell as Male, That"s Fine, If You refer to Grell together Female, That"s Fine. Honestly, ns Don"t Think over there Is Really any type of Proof Or proof To Grell Sutcliff"s Gender. No matter How many Pictures girlfriend Search, and also No Matter just how Much Research and Commenting girlfriend Do, Personally, ns Don"t believe That This Contoversy will certainly Ever finish Within our Fandom. Though everyone Could and Is maybe To host A great Argument in ~ This Contoversy. Everyone Has good Reasons to Which gender Grell must Be Refered To. Yet The allude Is, Grell Is Grell. And We must All just Remember that No matter What sex You to express To. Grell Is Lovable, Crazy, And great In Everyway. And also If Grell Is male Or Female, over there Is No Doubt that Grell Will constantly Be Loved. ☺️ please Don"t dislike On my Comment!