An MP3 download of every sessions the are taped (most all lectures, symposiums and panels) will be easily accessible for purchase. If you execute not pre-reserve a recording (either digital or at the conference it is registered desk) a copy deserve to be purchased after ~ the conference by clicking on the REGISTRATION TAB.

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You will certainly receive an e-mail with instructionson just how to download recordings in mid July 2019. 

Full Conference Registrants consisting of Volunteers $25 (22 €)
Single job Registrant, Scholarships and others no paying conference dues $40 (35 €)

Thank you!

IASD is a non-profit international organization which support the multidisciplinary research and also study the dreams and also the application of dreamwork through professionals, and anyone interested in the scientific, psychological, spiritual, artistic, healing, social and extraordinary facets of dreaming. Our conference is a five-day event of symposia, panels, workshops, and lectures typically featuring end 120 presenters from 20 or an ext countries roughly the world, commonly attended by 350 or therefore persons.

At our Dream Conference, you’ll be part of a big, varied dream household – and you may make some of the finest friends of your life! Enjoy trying out your desires in The Netherlands during this 5-day dream extravaganza.

The Venue

The location is the enchanting 12th century Rolduc Abbey conference facility (pictured in the masthead) in Kerkrade in the southern component of the Netherlands. The website is close to several worldwide airports, including those in Germany and Belgium, offering ease of worldwide travel and also sightseeing for those that wish to gain touring before and also after the conference. Us warmly invite you come attend.

Keynotes and also Invited Speakers

KEYNOTE: Dr Isabelle ArnulfTalk Title: Parasomnia: A window Into Dreaming Process?

KEYNOTE: Dr Stefan KleinTalk Title: The roadway to Reality: exactly how the new Science of Dreams describes Our Mind

KEYNOTE: Dr penny SartoriTalk Title: Near-Death-Experiences and Visitation Dreams

INVITED: Dr Kate AdamsTalk Title: The Hidden worlds of Children’s spiritual Dreams

INVITED: Dr Francesca SiclariTalk title: The EEG Correlates of Dreaming

Earn approximately 25 CE units. Sessions the qualify for continuing Education units will be significant with CE in the conference program.

The international Association for the examine of desires (IASD) is authorized by the American emotional Association to sponsor proceeding education for psychologists. The global Association for the research of dreams (IASD) maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

Visiting Holland prior to or after ~ the Conference? 

Important Passport Information: 

US citizens:  that is advised that all united state Citizens travel to the conference have to make certain that their passports room up come date and no much less than 6 months away from expiration. The airline might deny boarding if your passport is not current. This will additionally avoid delays in ~ customs and re-entry to the USA.

UK citizens: due to the yet to it is in agreed ~ above Brexit rules, IASD conference attendees that live in the UK will require to inform themselves of the important steps for gaining entry right into the Netherlands.

Europe adheres to the 24 hour clock.

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Making Room appointments at Rolduc

You should make her room reservation directly with the Rolduc Conference Center. Click below for details.