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Which the the adhering to statements about e-commerce in the United states in 2014 is no true?

A) mobile e-commerce generates an ext revenue 보다 social e-commerce.

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B) over 160 million Americans space expected to make at the very least one purchase online.

C) B2B e-commerce is about 10 time the dimension of B2C e-commerce.

D) expansion rates for sleeve e-commerce are greater in the United says than in China.

In 2014, roughly ________ million civilization in the United claims accessed the internet via tablets.

A) 47

B) 67

C) 147

D) 167

Which of the complying with is not a major business trend in e-commerce in 2014-2015?

A) social e-commerce proceeds to grow.

B) small businesses and entrepreneurs room hampered by the rising expense of sector entry led to by enhanced presence of industry giants.

C) Sharing economic situation companies garner multi-billion dissension valuations.

D) Mobile and social heralding platforms begin to an obstacle search engine marketing.

B) little businesses and also entrepreneurs are hampered by the rising cost of market entry brought about by raised presence of sector giants.

All the the complying with are significant technology fads in e-commerce in 2014-2015 except:

A) cloud computing permits the production of huge Data.

B) that company are turning to web analytics to make sense out of large Data.

C) the cell phone computing and also communications platform creates a new platform for digital transactions, marketing, advertising, and also media viewing.

D) computing and also networking ingredient prices proceed to autumn dramatically.

E-commerce can be characterized as:

A) the usage of the Internet, the Web, and mobile apps come transact business.

B) the use of any type of Internet modern technologies in a firm"s daily activities.

C) the digital enablement of transactions and also processes in ~ an organization.

D) any kind of digitally enabled transactions amongst individuals and also organizations.

Which that the following is no a unique feature of e-commerce technology?

A) interactivity

B) social technology

C) details asymmetry

D) richness

Which the the following features of e-commerce an innovation enables merchants to market and sell "complex" goods and services to consumers via marketing messages the can incorporate video, audio, and text?

A) richness

B) ubiquity

C) information density

D) personalization

Which the the following features of e-commerce an innovation allows individuals to take part in the creation of online content?

A) ubiquity

B) an international reach

C) details density

D) society technology

Which the the complying with is the best an interpretation of transaction cost?

A) the expense of changing national or regional prices

B) the price of participating in a market

C) the cost of finding an ideal products in the market

D) the expense merchants pay to lug their products to market

In 2014, the world"s online population was estimated to be around:

A) 280 million.

B) 2.8 billion.

C) 28 billion.

D) 280 billion.

All of the following are significant social trends in e-commerce in 2014-2015 except for:

A) the impact of society networks top top privacy.

C) the refuse of online retailers come accept taxes of web sales.

D) the expansion of federal government surveillance of web communications.

Which that the following features of e-commerce modern technology is pertained to the concept of network externalities?

A) richness

B) interactivity

C) global standards

D) details density

Which of the following statements is true around the timeless tradeoff in between the richness and reach the a marketing article prior come the breakthrough of the Web?

A) Marketing message had tiny richness.

B) The smaller the audience reached, the less rich the message.

C) The bigger the audience reached, the much less rich the message.

D) Richness to be unrelated come reach.

Which that the complying with is no a major business trend in e-commerce in 2014-2015?

A) the growth of a cell phone app-based virtual economy.

B) the weakening revenues of B2B e-commerce.

C) the development of social e-commerce.

D) the growth of the mobile proclaiming platform.

Which type of e-commerce is differentiated by the form of technology used in the transaction fairly than through the nature the the market relationship?

A) consumer-to-consumer (C2C)

B) society e-commerce

C) mobile e-commerce

D) business-to-business (B2B)

Which of the following is a cell phone photo-sharing application?

A) YouTube

B) Tumblr

C) Wikipedia

D) Instagram

Which of the following describes the straightforward Web policy of big firms during the invention period?

A) incorporate social networks and also the mobile communication with internet site marketing.

B) Emphasize the need for the internet to create profits.

C) usage the web to sell complex goods and also services online.

D) keep a basic, static internet site depicting the firm"s brand.

The size of the B2B industry in 2014 was estimated to be around:

A) $570 million.

B) $5.7 billion.

C) $570 billion.

D) $5.7 trillion.

Interactivity in the context of e-commerce offers which of the adhering to functionalities?

A) the capacity to physical touch and manipulate a product

B) complexity and also content that a message

C) the capacity of consumer to create and distribute content

D) the allowing of two-way communication in between consumer and merchant

Which that the complying with statements about the web is not true?

A) The net is the technology upon i m sorry the web is based.

B) The internet was the initial "killer app."

C) The web provides access to pages created in HyperText Markup Language.

D) The internet is both a interactions infrastructure and also an details storage system.

In 2014, there were an approximated ________ net hosts.

A) 1 million

B) 10 million

C) 100 million

D) 1 billion

All the the following can be considered a precursor to e-commerce except:

A) the advancement of the smartphone.

B) Baxter Healthcare"s PC-based far order entry system.

C) the French Minitel.

D) the advance of electronic Data Interchange standards.

Which of the following was the very first truly massive digitally enabled transaction system in the B2C arena?

A) Telex

B) the Baxter healthcare system

C) the French Minitel


Business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce in the unified States:

A) has actually grown at double-digit rates in between 2010 and 2014.

B) has less revenue 보다 C2C e-commerce.

C) now constitutes end 40% the the in its entirety U.S. Retail market.

D) is growing much more slowly as it confronts that own fundamental limitations.

Which of the complying with is not true about the usage of apps?

A) The mean U.S. Consumer spends end 2 hours and 45 minutes a day using apps.

B) users still spend much less time utilizing apps 보다 they perform using desktops or mobile internet sites.

C) Apps are simpler to control and also monetize than net sites.

D) over 175 million people in the United says launch a smartphone app much more than 60 times a day.

All that the following are concerns facing Pinterest except:

B) inability to retain users.

C) spam.

D) scams.

Which of the following is a properties of e-commerce throughout the creation period?

A) mobile technology

B) earnings and also profit emphasis

C) disintermediation

D) extensive government surveillance

All that the following are characteristics of net 2.0 sites and also applications except:

A) they support interactions amongst users.

B) lock rely exclusively on mobile accessibility to the Web.

C) they have tendency to rely on user-generated content.

D) they tend to attract large audiences that provide marketers through extraordinary methods for target marketing and also advertising.

Which the the complying with is no a characteristics of a perfect compete market?

A) Price, cost, and also quality info are same distributed.

B) A virtually infinite set of suppliers compete against one another.

C) client have accessibility to every relevant information worldwide.

D) that is highly regulated.

All of the adhering to were visions of e-commerce expressed throughout the at an early stage years that ecommerce except:

A) a nearly perfect information marketspace.

B) friction-free commerce.

C) disintermediation.

D) rapid follower advantage.

Unfair competitive advantages occur when:

A) one competitor has an benefit others can not purchase.

B) market middlemen room displaced.

C) info is same distributed and transaction costs are low.

D) firms are able come gather syndicate profits.

The early on years the e-commerce were driven by every one of the following factors except:

A) focus on exploiting timeless distribution channels.

B) a huge infusion that venture resources funds.

C) focus on conveniently achieving an extremely high industry visibility.

D) visions the profiting from brand-new technology.

The early years the e-commerce are considered:

A) the most promising time in history for the successful implementation of very first mover advantages.

B) one economist"s dream come true, wherein for a quick time consumers had access to all relevant industry information and transaction expenses plummeted.

C) a stunning technical success together the Internet and also the Web increased from a couple of thousand to billions that e-commerce transactions per year.

D) a dramatic service success together 85% the dot-coms formed because 1995 ended up being flourishing businesses.

C) a stunning technical success as the Internet and the Web enhanced from a few thousand to billions that e-commerce transactions every year.

Which of the following best describes the early years that e-commerce?

A) They were a technical success yet a mixed service success.

B) They were a technical success yet a company failure.

C) They were a technical failure but a organization success.

D) They to be a mixed technological and company success.

A) They to be a technical success yet a mixed company success.

Which that the complying with is an example of a sharing economic situation company?

A) YouTube

B) Airbnb

C) Tumblr

D) Facebook

B) Airbnb

Which the the adhering to is a properties of the Reinvention step of e-commerce?

A) huge proliferation the dot-com start-ups

B) widespread adoption of broadband networks

C) rapid growth of find engine advertising

D) growth of e-commerce to incorporate services and also goods

D) development of e-commerce to encompass services and also goods

Which the the following is a characteristics of the Consolidation phase of e-commerce?

A) predominance of pure virtual strategies

B) emphasis on revenue expansion versus profits

C) brand extension and also strengthening becomes more important the creating new brands

D) transition to a technology-driven approach

C) brand extension and also strengthening becomes more important that creating brand-new brands

Which the the adhering to is no true about e-commerce today?

A) Economists" visions of a friction-free market have not been realized.

B) consumers are less price-sensitive than expected.

C) there remains considerable persistent price dispersion.

D) The market middlemen disappeared.

D) The industry middlemen disappeared.

Which the the following varieties of merchants has actually the greatest share the retail digital sales?

A) online (Web only)

B) catalog/call center

C) sleeve chain

D) consumer brand manufacturer

A) online (Web only)

Retail chains account for about ________ % of virtual retail firm revenues.

A) 15

B) 35

C) 75

D) 95

B) 35

One of the predictions for the future the e-commerce is that:

A) all at once revenues indigenous e-commerce will grow at one annualized rate of about 13% a year through 2018.

B) the first movers native the at an early stage years that e-commerce will certainly retain or boost their industry share together they proceed to exploit economic situations of scale and also switching costs.

C) prices will lower enough to encourage an ext consumers to connect in virtual shopping.

D) the variety of online shoppers will proceed to grow at double-digit rates.

A) in its entirety revenues indigenous e-commerce will grow at one annualized price of about 13% a year with 2018.

Which that the following is the top-selling digital retail category?

A) apparel/accessories

B) computers/electronics

C) fixed merchant/department stores

D) office supplies

B) computers/electronics

Which the the adhering to is the peak online retailer ranked by virtual sales?

A) Apple

B) Amazon

C) Staples

D) Walmart

B) Amazon

62) over all, e-commerce is a ________ phenomenon.

A) technology-driven

B) finance-driven

C) sociological

D) government-driven

A) technology-driven

Which business application is associated with the technical development of neighborhood area networks and client/server computing?

A) transaction automation (e.g., payroll)

B) desktop automation (e.g., indigenous processing)

C) commercial system automation (e.g., it is provided chain management)

D) workgroup automation (e.g., document sharing)

D) workgroup automation (e.g., file sharing)

Which of the complying with is among the three major societal worries related come e-commerce?

A) liability

B) anonymity

C) equity

D) intellectual property

D) pundit property

Which the the complying with statements is not true?

A) No one scholastic perspective constrain research around e-commerce.

B) financial experts take a purely technical method to e-commerce.

C) There are two major approaches come e-commerce: behavioral and technical.

D) administration scientists room interested in e-commerce as an chance to examine how business firms can exploit the net to achieve much more efficient organization operations.

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B) economists take a completely technical strategy to e-commerce.

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