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Insane Clown Posse falls under the genre the "horror core." Although some listeners might enjoy the gory elements of the album, tendency listeners might find it difficult to relate to the music.

The composed thoughts that a psychopath end bizarre key-board melodies might not it is in the mean person’s idea the music, however the Insane Clown Posse is far from average, as it unquestionably displayed in the newest album, “Fearless Fred Fury.”

The eccentric rap duo, frequently referred to together “ICP,” does no disappoint in making its newest album completely freakish and downright horrifying. Also throughout monitor that are overwhelmingly spine-chilling, ICP somehow still manages to convert its horribly obscene track lyrics right into something at least halfway decent.

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ICP supplies its lyrical creativity to refer haunting storylines, graphic imagery, maniacal characters and dark humor. The horror facet of the album is combined with a deeply jarring ferocious energy. “Fearless Fred Fury” is stomach churning, however that is component of the very nice for part people. Prefer viewers that the “Saw” movie franchise, many human being listen come this type of contents to be disturbed. This ‘horrorcore’ brand of music might be appealing for some, yet for the tendency audience, it’s tough to move past the revolting nature of the record.

While the creativity and energy that ICP room evident, the album is very impractical and also only good in a novel–sense. That unlikely the “Fearless Fred Fury” will ever before be played in social settings, on the radio or on any kind of other mainstream outlet. This is because the purpose of the album appears to be as disturbing and unpleasant together possible.

Tracks like “Triplex,” “Night the Red Rum,” “I like It Rough” and also plenty of rather lack any clear direction or article — aside from making certain the listener recoils indigenous the vivid, deranged pictures depicted.

“Triplex” details the endeavors and desires of three serial killers end a heavy digital beat. The song appears to exist solely to information gruesome murder scenes. “Night of Red Rum” is an additional attempt by the duo to justify your graphic lyrics, with a cheap backstory that a male finding enchanted rum, complied with by overdone bloodshed, violence and also disturbing sexual references. “I choose It Rough” details obscure and also recoiling sex fetishes, do those illustrated in Eminem’s notoriously sickening tune “Fack” it seems to be ~ appealing. The song’s ordinary digital beat is anything however fitting, making that even an ext unpleasant. “I like It Rough” is, in fact, so nauseating the it comes v a warning in the coming before track — “Beware!”

The obscenity littered throughout the album is not only made possible by the eccentricity of ICP, but additionally the lyrical prowess that the duo. This is an ext apparent in songs prefer “Satellite,” “Game Over” and also “Freedom.” While still being rather graphic, this tracks have actually a solid message and also objective.

“Satellite” is the surefire standout ~ above “Fearless Fred Fury.” The track describes how world tend to take life for granted through detailing all of the young things humans tend come forget around every day. “Satellite” runs peacefully over a smooth key-board melody through a classic and basic drum beat. The chorus the “Satellite” is really catchy and much far better when compared to the remainder of the album. “Game Over” is perhaps the many comical monitor on “Fearless Fred Fury.” choose “Satellite,” “Game Over” is greatly a critique of modern-day society. This time, ICP targets the video clip game–obsessed ar through satirical comments and lyrics. The song “Freedom” defines how blessed humans are to have totally free will. ICP explains how world are free to succeed or fail and also to commit great or evil.

Lyrical proficiency, extreme creativity and raw talent space showcased in ICP’s album, yet it is straightforward to say that ICP is a prime instance of misdirected talent.

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This outlandish horrorcore album will never win awards or be discovered anywhere else in the tendency — and for good reason. Music have to instill many varieties of emotions in people, yet disgust is not one. If this album is well-equipped because that its niche, that will only remain a music novelty. The objective of intentional disturbance in “Fearless Fred Fury” is too far removed native what world seek in music.

Hopefully, Insane Clown Posse can learn from much better directed songs like “Satellite” and transition their focus from developing unpleasant gore stories to creating uplifting masterpieces. ICP has the talent, yet “Fearless Fred Fury” simply does nothing to specify it as a serious group of artists.