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3.76 / 5.00.5 native 1,452 ratings
#83 because that 1994, #3,070 overall

aggressive, infernal, death, dark, heavy, ominous, raw, disturbing, hateful, complex, mysterious, atmospheric, scary, dense, misanthropic, technical, manic, masculine vocals, rhythmic

prehistoric_hammer Sep 16 2008 3.50 stars
In a Dante's Hell building and construction of the fatality metal kind it's safe to say that Demilich reside comfortably in the ninth circle. Utterly extraterrestrial compositions that twisting, cyclical riffs and amphibian croaks. Installation music because that a frozen lake the (partially)ice encased sinners shed in delirium. Infester clear preside end the eighth circle, Malebolge, whereby brutal and perverse tortures are lugged out on the damned. Crawling,stinking,wretched sinners, shredded into pieces, wade backwards or as much as their necks in filth. It's likely they room greeted by the fairly straight forward but uniquely demented melody of Infester's debut album top top arriving. While over there aren't loads of memorable riffs or complicated time changes there are much more than a couple of highlights. The base playing is playful, eclectic and over average. I only wish it might be heard also on this album as it is ~ above the Darkness Unveiled EP (such a good tone on over there too). The vocals are an ext of a guttural burp than a croak..emanating from a demon own moron who allows out a torture screech here and there. Lyrically, these males are practically perfect. Nasty, abstract and offensive..not that the braindead goregrind camp or the ultimately tiring medical textbook style of early on Carcass..these lyrics room imaginative come say the least. Every one of these facets work fine together bring about a disturbing and also dreadful vibe that ns haven't really uncovered coming off of any type of other record. My just complaint (besides the bass guitar production) would certainly be that a the majority of these songs operation together an extremely easily..so easily that I discover myself having trouble when it comes to telling portions of songs apart. Perhaps with many much more months of listening I will certainly become an ext familiar and also in tune with this album.
cirithungol Jul 20 2007 4.00 stars

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Infester come from Seattle, Washington, leave a trail of hurt slime where they went. No, I’m not being cruel to the band, fairly the contrary, due to the fact that this debut and only album from Infester is possibly the many wonderfully noble album in death metal history, matched just by the acrid fumes that Goatlord, atom Death and Autopsy. Every one of the members had likewise worked v Meat Shits, which may be whereby they honed your predilection because that maximum disgust metal, however this record is far much more musically substantial than that porn obsessed abortion of a band. Greatly leaning towards the slow, doomy, angry side of tempos, the band’s totality sonic photo is just complete of dust caked guitars and drumming that deserve to actually approach random in ~ times, regularly doing unanticipated rolls and fills out of nowhere. And also there’s a fairly consistent usage of keyboards, which Mercyful Fate style, include density come the entirety demented feel of the record. And then there space the vocals to consider which sound like a perverted demon saying with one alcoholic, geriatric witch. Just perfect. This is among the essentials, an practically deconstructed record, existing in its very own world, purely for its own sake. If you dig it, great. If not, it is fine too, since it wasn’t made for you. Take it on its very own sick state or forget you ever heard of it.