WINSOME SEARS focuses ON confidence AFTER make HISTORYWhile all eyes were on the two men at the peak of the ticket in Virginia — Republican glen Youngkin and Democrat terrycloth McAuliffe — one woman made history this week. The U.S. Naval Corps veteran claimed she was “at a loss because that words because that the an initial time in my life,” however nevertheless gave credit come God because that her historical win together the commonwealth’s first female and very first black American to victory the sublieutenant governorship. “We ran an impossible, improbable campaign. … God was precisely with us, otherwise we would certainly never have made it. And also so I want to complete up by thanking you, Jesus. Exactly how sweet that is!”

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"God was specifically with us, otherwise we would certainly never have made it. And so I desire to finish up by thanking you, Jesus. Just how sweet it is!”

The polls space open! We have actually the incredible responsibility and also privilege as Americans to help direct the future of our nation!!

As election day draws near, we have actually the tremendous responsibility and privilege together Americans to help direct the future the our nation with ours prayers, ours voice, and also our vote.Together as we poll our values, we will ensure that faith and also freedom endure and truth wins.#prayfirst

Let"s celebrate!65 yrs ago, Pres. Eisenhower formalized what had currently been inscribed in the love of our country when the signed right into law "In God we Trust" together our official nationwide motto!Share the news! #65thanniversary #nationalmotto
The chair of the conference Prayer Caucus, senator James Lankford, speak about spiritual Liberty. Read an ext below!"As a Christian, my confidence isn’t just a understand I practice on weekends"
We space excited to view prayer return to the Morgan County plank of education and learning meetings!

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HUNDREDS the THOUSANDS will BE joining IN PRAYER and REPENTANCE THIS SATURDAY!Join through thousands that will be gathering in DC for The Return: national & an international Day of Prayer & Repentance. In human being or via simulcast in this solemn assembly for our nation. Https://
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