LOS ANGELES, CA (trident-gaming.net NEWSWIRE) — Captain’s log. Star date: 011806. Wilhelm Shatner. Has actually gone. Whereby no man has actually gone before. And also sold a part of himself. To virtual casino. GoldenPalace.com. For $25,000. To benefit. Habitat for Humanity.

The former Captain that the companies passed a kidney stone at warp speed and beamed it right into the waiting hands that GoldenPalace.com. The casino paid $25,000 for Shatner’s specimen, the entirety of which will certainly go to Habitat For mankind to help carry out housing for those in need.

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*(Photo Caption: wilhelm Shatner receives inspect from GoldenPalace.com because that the Habitat for humanity Charity.)

although the kidney rock that broke down Shatner’s shields led to him much more discomfort than a Klingon pains stick, the sci-fi/pop-culture icon is an ext than happy that his calcium offspring fetched together a price.

“When i was contacted around selling my kidney stone to GoldenPalace.com for an initial price that $15,000 i turned it down learning that my tunics native Star Trek have commanded an ext than $100,000. I readily available the stone, stint and also string for $25,000 and also informed them that 100% of the proceeds would go to advantage Habitat because that Humanity and I maintain visitation rights.”

“I desire to very own it,” stated Jimmy Kimmel on his November 14th show as that interviewed Shatner around his stone. “It is the can be fried Star Trek collectible. Friend know, it’s choose a real dilithium crystal.” regrettably for Jimmy, GoldenPalace.com transported past all other uses with their 25K.

With an ext drama than a T.J. Hooker finale, Shatner ended up ~ above a gurney through stirrups. “It was a gurney because that pregnant women,” said Shatner. “They’re wheeling me with the hospital — my legs are in the stirrups and also I’m screaming — and somebody says, ‘Look, there goes Captain Kirk, he’s having actually a baby!’ Very, very embarrassing.”

“We are an extremely pleased to own this item of TV background and to be able to aid a worthy charity like Habitat for Humanity,” claimed GoldenPalace.com CEO Richard Rowe.

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“We’re excited to have a item of him that can’t it is in replicated, and we intended to take it on tour v our other unusual items. We space confident that this will certainly be our many enterprising advertising project to date with the Captain on board.”

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